Clovia Botaniqa Daily Intimate Wash- Cleansing, Lightening, Tightening – 100ml



100 ml Clovia Botaniqa daily intimate feminine wash.
Ideal for period, non-period & pregnancy days.

Enriched with natural ingredients:
1. Tea tree oil- to calm redness and inflammation.
2. Gooseberry extracts- to keep your skin firm and soft.
3. Aloe vera- to moisturize and soothe the skin down there.
4. Piper betel- to treat infections and irritation.
100% chemical and paraben-free.

1. Helps maintain the ideal 3.5 pH level of the vagina.
2. Regular usage cleanses, lightens, and tightens the intimate area.
3. Controls odour and keeps you leaving fresh all day long.
4. Preventions infections & soreness.

How to use
1. Take a small amount of Clovia Botaniqa intimate wash.
2. Use a little water and form lather by rubbing the hands against each other.
3. Apply the foam on the outer side of the vagina.
4. Rinse with water and tap dry using a fresh towel.


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