Clovia Premium Disposal Maternity Breast Pads



Breast Pads 

Premium Cotton Feel Disposable Breast Pads are specially designed to keep you feeling fresh and clean all day long during your nursing days. Made using premium quality soft cotton that has high absorbing properties, they keep skin dry and irritation-free. These ultra-slim pads fit well without creating any uneasiness and discomfort. Ideal for all new mothers, these disposable breast pads give you the ease to dress up the way you want to without worrying about any stains or wet patches around the breasts.

Why Choose Clovia Breast Pads?

Ultra-Slim Pads

Express Dry Technology

Premium Cotton-Feel Top Sheet



Unique Curved

One Size suitable for any cup size 

Who should use it?

All nursing mothers who usually experience leakage between feedings can use these breast pads. These breast pads absorb the leakage and protect you from staining your clothes.

Why should you use it?

Once after delivery, your breast starts to leak. These breast pads absorb the leakage, keep your breasts dry, and protect your clothes from staining.

How to Use?

1. Open the individual packet and remove the sticky side

2. Place the breast pad inside the bra in such a way that the sticky side should be on the fabric and the other side covering your nipple.



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