Potatoes are Healthy or Unhealthy Meal

There are so many mouth watering dishes you can make with potatoes. The first meal we have in our mind when we think of potatoes is Aloo parantha, Chips, ALoo tikki, French fries. Potatoes are actually good source of vitamin, Potassium and fiber. Potatoes are also good in Hypertension, blood circulation and calming your nerves if you are eating them in a good way. We always associate potato with fried snacks and its image spoiled and it falls in the category of unhealthy meal. Doctors advised to keep distance with potatoes if you are a diabetic person. The high carbohydrate content in potatoes decreases its healthy benefits. But if you are eating potatoes in a good way then potatoes are not harmful for your health at all.

Potato Nutrition facts

1 medium potato the nutrition is as follows

160 calories

0 g Fat

37 g Carbohydrate

4 g fibre

2 g sugars

4 g protein

17 mg sodium

0.6 mg vitamin B6

926 mg potassium

17 mg Vitamin C

Healthy Facts of Potatoes

Why potatoes are healthy to eat some good reasons are underlined

Potatoes are a Good source of carbohydrate and fibre

Potatoes are a good source of carbohydrates and fibre.  Fibre will help you to keep you satisfied for longer but also keeping your cholesterol down. A medium potato contains 4g of fibre. It is considered a starchy vegetable and a healthy carb.

Potatoes are a source of Vitamins

Potatoes have significant amount of several micronutrients. Potatoes are a excellent source of Vitamin B6 which helps your body convert non carbohydrate sources to usable form of energy. It will play a great role in production of red blood cells. It is good source of Vitamin c. Potatoes are a source of potassium as well which helps to fight blood pressure which reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

Potatoes can be eaten healthy baked, boiled, Roasted

If you want to eat potato in a healthy way you should boil them, bake them or sautéed them . it tastes great and will not harm your health. You can eat mashed potatoes; can bake it with broccoli and cheese. You can sautéed them with eggs and other vegetables and eat it in breakfast it will give you healthy benefits and will make you satisfied for longer hours and will be helpful in weight loss

Potatoes are high in carbs and calories compared to other vegetables you have to keep this in mind while eating potatoes and if you are eating them in good way it will not harm your health.