Important Vastu Tips for Fast career Growth

Career is important for each one of us. Sometimes we are putting our 100% efforts in our career but desired output cannot be achieved. If you are the one who is aspiring for fast career growth the right answer to every question is a job done by Vastu. We can suggest you some tips and tricks which will be really helpful in achieving fast career growth. Vastu shastra is an ancient Indian science which is helpful in designing and building numerous areas of life by balancing different elements of nature. Lets discuss how you can achieve fast career growth in your life.

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1. Just be careful while doing work on your smart phones and laptops you have to check in which direction they are placed in.  if you are placing the electronic items in the southeast corner it will be beneficial for your career growth. You have to be assured that the wires should be detangled on your table and should not be visible on the table top.

2. Your sitting position also decides the career growth. You should not be sitting cross legged as it will hamper your career. If you are sitting on a high back chair in the office it will ensure a good career growth and working on a proper discipline.

3.  if you want to ensure the fast career growth sit on a square or rectangle office desk would be great.  Circular desks must be avoided irregular shaped tables endorses confusion, stress and disinterest from work.

4. Powerful crystals will show high energy levels and it is related to improvement in higher efficiency.  Keep quartz crystals in the office brings opportunities. You can also place a bamboo on the desk.

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5. If you are sleeping your head towards the east it will ensure good career growth. It will ensure to improve your concentration level and promotes positive mental energy. It is advised to sit and work in the north direction. it will make you grounded there should not be any window behind your back where you are working otherwise your concentration will be low and you will feel distracted.

6. You can place a laughing Buddha at your work station to fight stress depression and bring happiness at workplace.

7. Place symbols like Om , swastika and Lord Ganesha close to workstation as it promotes positivity.

8. you can also keep fresh flowers on the east side of the office so that the place will be more vibrant and energetic.

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If you need speedy career growth consider placing jade plants, snake plats, or bamboo plants on your office desk as it brings good luck and prosperity some commonly used plants are areca palms , money plants or dracaena plants.