Delicious mouth watering dishes you must try on this Holi

Holi marks the arrival of spring and end of winter. It is a great festival day to meet others play laugh forgive and forget and make your relationship strong. It is celebrated as the beginning of spring harvest season. It also signifies the victory of good over evil and celebrated as a day of spreading happiness and love. People celebrate holi by splashing colourful water and colours on each other. Children specially enjoyed it with their water guns balloons filled with colourful water and people dance on this day on their popular Hindi holi songs. People prepare a lot of delicacies like gujiya, malpua, dahivada ans served with love to their dear ones. Lets discuss some dishes which are the soul of holi parties you must try this Holi.


It is a classic holi desert made with semolina, dry fruits, khoya and flour. Outer layer is crispy and and inner is the yummy filling which will sweeten your mouth. You must try gujiya on this holi as it is a perfect sweet for festivals. Gujiya can be made with many variants like baked chocolate gujiya, apple gujiya, Khoya gujiya

Moong Dal Pakori

Pakoris are best to eat on festival of colours Holi. It is made with dhuli moong dal seasoned with green chillies ginger and kadi patta. it is soft and very tasty to eat and one of the easy recipe you can try on this holi.

Bhang ki Pakori

Bhang ki pakori are one of the most loving dish on Holi. You can make crunchy onion and potato pakoras with a pinch of bhang added in it will give a great flavour and will enhance the joy of celebrations of holi party.

Dahi vada

Dahi Vadas are the most delicious dish served on the occasion of holi. It can be made with the white urad dal and will be served with dahi and chutneys chaat masala giving you a tangy and sweet flavour will cheer up your mood on this holi. Try dahi bhalls at your home this holi.

Aloo chaat

Aloo chaat is one of the favourite dish of kids. You can add chaat papdi and bhel puri to add flavours in to it . just add tamarind chutney and coriander chutney to enhance its taste. It is well served on the occasion of holi.


Thandai is must on the occasion of Holi. You can make thandai as per your choice of taste you will feel refreshed with the taste of thadai. You can try various variants in thandai like kesar thandai, mango thandai, Badam kesar Thandai, Rose thandai,or Bhang Thandai as per your choice and taste.


Malpua are little pancakes which fill your mouth with taste. So Include this dish on your holi menu it give a perfect blend of taste to the holi party.