9 Common Dreams and Their meanings

Dreams are a universal human experience which we feel in certain stages of sleep. It is basically a succession of images, Ideas and emotions and sensations that developed in our mind. Let’s discuss some common dreams and their meanings

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1. Dream of Falling- this is the most common dream in people who are having a major life problem with work, relationship or elsewhere.

2. Dream of Teeth falling out– teeth falling out signals the loss and important life changes. It could indicate that you are dealing with some kind of loss like job loss or end of a relationship.

3. Dream of Pregnancy- this dream meaning that something is growing and developing inside you it could be any idea or promotion.

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4. Dream you cheated on your partner- this dream is alarming. If you feel your partner is prioritizing something or someone else in his life before you or if he is not fully transparent your subconscious may be giving you hint of this

5. Dream that you are naked in Public– this dream shows the feeling of shame and embarrassment inside you. It can also be related to exposure. If you are nude but not feeling shame means you need to be acknowledged and admired.

6. Dream of death- if you want to terminate something in life like a relationship, a job or career path or even the past. This dream is not a nightmare. This dream means to encourage a person to do a fresh start.

7. Dream of being chased- this dream signifies to encourage the dreamer to confront the problem which is over his head and this dream more often in women than men.

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8. Dream of flying- this dream encourages a person to go out of current issues and allow things to correct itself. Flying is a sign which shows that there is out of control real situation in your life.

9. Dream of driving out of control vehicle- this dream means that you have no control on your road to success. It indicates that your current bad habit can become a long term problem.