5 Dark Chocolates in India to satisfy your chocolate craving

Chocolates are the ultimate craving for everybody. It is full of flavor and taste. Chocolates are best if has added health benefits with the tasty flavor. Dark chocolates are having many health benefits beyond its taste and flavor. These are tasty as well as nutritious. So lets discuss some best dark chocolates

1. Amul Dark chocolate-Best Buy@Amazon

Amul dark chocolate is made with the finest ingredients and delicious cocoa it is packed from 15g to 250 g pack it has sugar, cocoa solids  cocoa butter and permitted emulsifiers added flavors  substances cocoa and vanilla.it is 55% dark chocolate no milk solids no vegetable fat just satisfy your sweet tooth with Pure cocoa butter and solids.

2. Cadbury Bourneville dark chocolate bar-Best Buy@Amazon

Cadbury bournville dark chocolate bar is made with finest cocoa beans and the perfect size and aroma go in to the making of the Bourneville, offering consumers the sheer luxury and goodness of premium dark chocolate. It may contain nuts wheat so not suitable for someone with a milk allergy.

3. Hersheys exotic dark chocolate blueberry and acai-Best Buy@Amazon

If you love dark chocolates and blueberries you can buy this one perfect blend of dark chocolate with blueberry and acai. This is available in pomegranate and raspberry. It has refreshing taste but it is not perfect for diet conscious people.

4. Amul 99% cocoa chocolate-Best Buy@Amazon

99% Cocoa chocates are generally bitter for those who are trying it for the first time. but if you have already consumed 55% 75% or 90% cocoa chocolates you can try this one too

5. Sugar free D’lite Rich cocoa dark chocolate bar-Best Buy@Amazon

This is 50% cocoa without any sugar it is best for diabetic person the sweetness is provided by polyol called maltitol. It is full dark chocolate which will treat your taste buds but it contains emulsifiers. Which is used to prevent cocoa and fats from separation but these are not best for health.