Best and Popular Payment app in India

The payment apps have changed the way we are doing payment to others and making recharges to our mobile phone or pay any bill . Now it is very easy process do payments whether it is electricity bill, water bill, mobile recharge, order online . we have so many payment app Options. The best payment app would be the one who has useful functions and easy to use. What are the best features we are looking in a payment app it is ease of sending money, bill payment and mobile recharge feature, clean interface, Fast response and if facing any payment issue there should be a helpline who can help in this.

Lets discuss 5 best UPI payment APPs

1. Phonepe- phone pe is one of the popular payment app. It uses the UPI system for sending and making payments. It will provide you the service of wallet as well. You can keep money in the wallet for faster transactions. It is a subsidiary of flipkart. You can also see this payment option in Filpkart APP. Flipkart and Phonepe both are owned by walmart Now. You can do quiker fund transfer with Phone Pe. You can easily do the repeat payments you would also see the recent biller for the bill payment. In case of any grievance you can easily raise a complaint or dispute there is very less complaint from the users of this app.

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2.PayTm- Paytm app is one of the most popular payment app. It has many added services . it has the highest number of features you can do fund transfer,mobile recharge, Bill payment and even do investment and book movie tickets through it. It has seamless service of mobile wallet and savings account.keeping money in this account would also give you interest. It has so many services from school fee payment to toll recharge you can do hassle free. You can have the facility of investment in Mutual fund and gold investment through Paytm.

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3. Mobilwik- MOBikwik is gain the popular payment app it also has fan following it has all the useful features like fund transfer, mobile recharge and pay the bill and investment. It shows the wallet balance upfront and adding money to the wallet is a one step process here. It will give you a track of all your cahless doesnot matter you have used mobikwik or other payment apps. It read your smses to track your expense.

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4. Google pay- Google pay is also popular among users . it is UPI payment app and does not provide wallet facility. You can use this app for doing payments, recharges, Bill payment and online transactions. This is the most secure payment app as pin is required to open the app. Tez mode is the unique feature of google pay by using tez mode you can send money to nearby people  without knowing any detail.

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5. BHIM SBI Pay- this is a UPI App by state bank of India. SBI has developed this app for fund transfer later it has many features added like mobile recharge and bill payment service. It has limited features  and looks very clean. It is safe and secure as it required 6 digit pin to login the app