Essential items of a New baby born wardrobe

New parents are often confused what is essential for a baby what not .it is essential to make a checklist of the items which are must for a baby wardrobe. We have made a list of essential things of a new born to help you.

1. Cotton clothes-cotton clothes are priority of a new born baby wardrobe. Baby skin is very soft and the clothes we give the baby to wear should be skin friendly and breathable to avoid any kind of rashes so it is better to buy cotton clothes as it will make baby comfortable and there is a great variety of cotton clothes of a new born is available online and offline you don’t have to worry about different colours and patterns.

2. Skincare products– baby skin is very soft and gentle. And we have to maintain that beautiful skin so we have to use chemical free and light products for the baby skin of a reputed brand. There are various brands available in the market which is light and chemical free.

3. Feeding Essentials- new born must have the feeding essentials of best quality you can grab various colourful and printed bottles for feeding of a newborn in the market and online.

4. Bathing necessities-baby bath is all about using chemical and fragrance free products and which do not cause irritation on baby skin so pick one of the most branded and chemical free products for bathing essentials.