Plants which are Unlucky and attracts bad luck as per Vastu

Plants bring Beauty and freshness to our home. Vastu shastra has recommended many plants which attract happiness and health and bring good luck to one’s life. But there are some plants that are not recommended by vastu shastra as they may bring negative energy and you can face bad luck and loss if you bring those plants at your home. We will discuss some plants in this article so that you should never bring those unlucky plants at your home

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Unlucky plants You should avoid bringing at home

1. Cactus- Cactus Plants are not recommended by vastu shastra and Feng shui. Thorny plants attract negative and bad energy these plants bring negative thoughts stress and anxiety in the house. They will also attract bad luck to the property owners life. Rose plants are an exception this. You can bring rose plants at your home.

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2. Bonsai plants- Bonsai plants are beautiful and expensive However these plants are not recommended by vastu Shastra . They look beautiful but they are not fruitful keeping in home. As we all know the growth of the plant is stunted in Bonsai plants it will affect to the inhabitants life. They also face stunted growth in their business or job.

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3. Cotton Plants- cotton plants and silky cotton plants look pretty decorative material but they are not ideal to have in home as per vastu they catch dust inside the house easily and attract bad luck and poverty.

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4. Mehendi Plants- evil spirits develop and gathered near mehendi plants so never keep mehendi plant in your home. Tamarind is another plant which attracts evil spirits and it is recommended not to bring mehendi and tamarind Plants to your home they attract negative energy and you have to deal with negative thoughts all the time if you grow these plants at your home.

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5. Dead Plants-Dead or dying plants are signs of bad energy so you should immediately remove them out of your house. Keep the indoor garden lively and green.

How Do You Tell If A Plant Is Dead

Lucky plants as per vastu to attract positive energy

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1. Tulsi/basil plant

2. Money plant

3. Neem tree

4. Banana Plant

5. Lucky Bamboo plant

Whenever you bring new plant to your home just check whether it is vastu friendly or not good plants keep positive energy and plants not compatible with vastu can attract bad luck in your life.