Disadvantages of consuming excess Honey on your health

Honey is healthy as compared to sugar but excess consumption of honey can also be harmful to your health.

Honey is considered to be healthy alternative to sugar .it is considered as warm food which helps in weight loss. But you will be shocked to know that consuming excess honey has worse effects on your health. As we all know too much of anything is bad so this applies on honey too my dear if you consume too much honey in one day and make it a regular habit that will have bad effects on your health.

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Effects of consuming excess honey on your health

1. increased blood sugar level-honey contains carbohydrates and sugar and in large amounts so of you are consuming excess honey in a day your blood sugar level will rise and if you are a diabetic person you will see a great shoot up of blood sugar in your body with the regular consumption of excess honey.

2. Blood pressure– Honey can help in lowering the blood pressure in your body but if you are consuming it in excess on daily basis it will put you in the risk of low blood pressure or hypo tension and indirectly affect the functioning of your heart.

3. Stomach issues- if you are facing problem of constipation then consumption of excess honey will increase it. However in some cases honey will cause bloating or diarrhoea if you body id unable to digest excess honey.

4. Weight gain- over consumption of honey can increase your weight. Honey is having high content of calories, sugar and carbohydrates which leads to weight gain in your body.

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5. Dental problems- excessive consumption of honey will cause dental problems like tooth decay and honey is also sticky in nature it will cause tooth decay and change of colour of teeth.

If you want to avoid these health issues consume honey in moderation starting today. You can consume 50 ml of honey in a day and if you are already facing any health issue consult your doctor before consuming honey on daily basis.