How can Yoga help in achieving Heart health

Yoga helps in improving physical and mental flexibility. Yoga can help in achieving heart health in many ways. Yoga has significant health benefits. If you do 30 minutes of yoga everyday for 12 weeks at least it will lower your blood pressure and heart rate.

Benefits of yoga on heart health

1. Physical activity- if you are an inactive person you have significant risk factor of developing heart disease. People who do yoga are more likely to become active and adopt healthy eating habits. If you will do at least 30 minutes of yoga in five days per week you can improve your overall health

2. Stress- Stress contributes to the heart diseases it will lead to an increase in behavior and other factors which increase the risk of heart diseases. Some other factors which lead to heart diseases are smoking, overeating, and high blood pressure. If you are doing yoga on regular basis it will help you to get rid of anxiety, depression. You have to focus on exercises of yoga related to breadth and being more mindful.

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3. Blood pressure– yoga will definitely helps in managing hypertension. Meditation and yoga will decrease your systolic and diastolic blood pressure as yoga is a combination of improving physical fitness and stress reduction.

4. Exercise- Yoga will help you to burn your calories and it will provide flexibility in your joints in the body and improve overall muscle strength which enables you to have more stamina in aerobic activities like running and swimming. It will burn your calories significantly and improve your heart health.

5. Cardiac relief- People facing cardiac problem will find emotional and physical relief with yoga. It will give you relief from stress and calm the body and mind. Make a regular habit of doing pranayam daily 30 to 45 minutes

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Top 10 Exercises for Good Heart Health

1. Tadasana

2. Vrikshasana

3. Utthita Hastapadasana

4. Trikonasana

5. veerabhadrasana

6. Utkatasana

7. Marjarisana

8. Dhanurasana

9. Bhujangasana