Best Kids Friendly Movies you can watch with family

Princess tales, animated animals, superhero adventurous are the kid’s favourite movies these must see movies will appeal to the whole family. Some movies will being lots of laughter, some might will lead to tears some keep emotional messages. Movies which are packed with positive messages and entertainment are worth watching of a comfy couch and a bowl of fresh popcorn let’s make a list of movies which are kids friendly and you can watch it with full family.

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1. Taare Zammen Par– it is a great movie to watch and having an inspiring slot. It can be watched by any age people. It is based on the life of a young boy ishaan a dyslexia child. It is based on the lesson that every child is different and unique and we cant compare them every child has different needs in this world.

2. I Am kalam– I am kalam is best movie to watch it is an inspiring film indeed this story revolves around a rajasthani boy who looks up to president abdul kalam  and finds courage to follow his dreams . this film is the winner of 58th national film award and best child artist and another 12 international awards.

3.Udaan- This movie revolves around the story of thousands of youth who are from middle class and want to break free nad want to follow their dreams passionately. It is selected in the film festival in the year 2010 it is the first movie to be selected in cannes.

4. Koi Mil gaya-  A Young Boy who has a mind of a kid and a girl and group of friends help the alien are the key factors on which this movie is based. It is a bollywood style drama film which shows the friendship between kids and some magical moments kids enjoy watching this movie.

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5. Mr.India- Lots of fun involved in this movie where a man became invisible by wearing a gadget watch at his wrist. Good songs mystery plot and helping nature of the hero wins the hearts of kids and makes the film quite entertaining.

6. The jungle book- A boy who lived in Jungle and sharing great friendship bond with animals of jungle entertain the children in this movie. We all are aware of Mowgli and the jungle book story it is fully packed with fun elements and amazing friendship between little boy and animals of jungle.

7. Cinderella- Cinderella is most favourite Disney princess of every girl. The story revolves around the life of Cinderella who lived with her step mothers and sisters and doing odd jobs at home.  The Disney princess met his prince as destiny plans for her. This story is full of magical moments

8. My friend Ganesha- it is the story of a 8 year old boy who feels lonely as his parents don’t have time for him. Lord Ganesha became his friend and they together solve many problems and have fun.

9. Jajantaram Mamantaram-it is based on the adventure of Gulliver’s travels where Aditya finds himself in a strange island after a shipwreck. He discovers the island after a shipwreck and finds extraordinary tiny people there who consider aditya to be their saviour.

10. Chillar party- chillar party shows the plans of a group of children in a society to save his friend and his dog , the local politician decide to get rid of the stray dogs and they are making plans to save him.