Bollywood Rags to riches story to inspire the actor inside you

Actors those came out from nothing and got everything in bollywood it is just because of their hard work and creativity and extreme talent. There are actors who have seen dizzying highs and the peaks of stardom and wealth. There are so many stories in Bollywood who witness the rags to riches here’s a few

1. Shah Rukh khan- The king of bollywood shah rukh khan quits his masters in between in order to pursue his acting career. He started with television and moved to films and traced his own path to success. his dedication and hardwork paid off and he managed to be the top star of the bollywood industry.

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2. Akshay Kumar-Akshay Kumar who started as a waiter in a restaurant in Bangkok and promoted to the position of cook. He became the kahtron ka khiladi of bollywood industry after receiving the martial arts training and became the brilliant action hero of the industry.

3. Kangana ranaut- kangana belongs to middle class family with no connection in bollywood.she ran way from her house to prove herself in bollywood . she survived on roti and pickle on her early days in bollywood and today she is a renowed face of bollywood.

4. Nawazuddin Siddiqui- nawazuddin siddiqui is among the one of the eight children from a family of farmers and having no knowledge of Indian cinema. He was doing some odd jobs to survive like watchman, working in a pharmacy . his interest in acting take him to national school of drama and he started getting small roles in films. Today he made his place in bollywood as an actor and win the hearts of many fans.

5. Pankaj Tripathi-born in a village in Bihar he used to cycle his way to theaters in patna to watch the performances. He also worked in a hotel kitchen at night and do theaters in the morning. Pankaj tripathi stands for their sheer talent and commendable strength.

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6. Rajinikanth- Rajinikanth  is from a financially unsound family he struggled a lot in his life do many jobs to survive like coolie, bus conductor he saw worst days in his life. Then he started getting roles in mythological plays and his interest in movies took him a long way in film industry and he was ruling the industry with his talent.

7. Farah khan- Farah khan parents separated in early age she and her brother sajid khan are torn between two homes. Her father passed away due to alcohol addiction and financial condition of the family worsen they borrowed from family and friends to settle the funeral she is a self taught dancer which will become greatest choreographers of bolly wood with her hard work and creativity.