5 Best Astrology Books to read this year

Astrology is generally defined as a part of science which allows its followers to read the ongoing events of an individual life. It generally reads the position of planets and other celestial objects according to the time of birth as compared with the present time. it can evaluate your love life to your career events  if you want to learn how you can interpret and write the interpretations for others  we can suggest you some good books you can read in astrology.

Best Books in Astrology you can follow

 1. Astrology: Using the Wisdom of the Stars in Your Everyday Life by Carole Taylor

This book completely focus on the positions of the Zodiac signs Sun moon and other planets to better understand yourself and your place in the world around you. It tells about the unique and key principles of astrology you can use it as a form of self help. You will see how astrology can help you when you need it the most with practical advice about handling life key moments which includes changing jobs starting a family, coping with financial difficulty or facing retirement.

2. You Were Born for This: Astrology for Radical Self-Acceptance by Chani Nicholas

This book completely tells about an introduction to astrology that is at once extremely approachable and incredibly meticulous opening up an entire galaxy of possibilities for you and the life you are living. This is best kind of choose your own adventure book.

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3. Astrology for Yourself by Douglas Bloch and Demetra George

Astrology for yourself is designed to introduce you to the language art science of astrology through a series of self directed program learning exercise which will literally enable you to write your own chart interpretation. It will promise your personal growth and change your life.

4. Mindfulness through the Stars: A Zodiac Wellness Guide 

This is the best book for all zodiac signs if you are someone who is curious about astrology but if are not a huge believer this book will turn you in to a believer. It will provide astrology compatibility to better your spiritual and relational journey.

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5. Lal-Kitab by U.C. Mahajan

It is a very important book for astrological lovers. it provides a true taste of Indian astrology to the reader. It talks about everything from planetary movements to their entire zodiac signs it is perfect book for people who want to learn astrology.