Follow these Vastu tips to have a successful Business

Vastu has played important role for maintaining cash flow and stability in business. If you will follow the vastu tips properly in office it will attract financial prosperity and well being at your office. lets discuss some important guidelines of vastu we can follow in office to attract good vibes and financial stability.

Office building Direction-it is important that if you are constructing a office or finalizing a location for office it should be surrounded by running roads. If you are working in service industry east direction is suitable. North is the direction of kuber and kuber is called the lord of wealth so if you want to run a successful business choose he office building direction of North, Northeast or  northwest.

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Great tips to follow in office as per vastu shastra

1. Owner office should sit facing north, east or north east direction as these directions are good for growth and new beginnings.

2. All other employee seating arrangement will be facing north or east direction in office.

3. The entrance of the office should be neat and clean and should be in North or north east direction or northwest direction.

4. You can place your safe in south west corner of the office and should be facing north east direction

5.  Flowing water signifies the flow of wealth so you can place water fountain in office to reduce stress.

6. The office should have good natural light comes from outside as sunlight brings positive vibes.. Otherwise if there is not enough sunlight there should be bright lights in the office.

7. The washroom in office should be in North West direction and should never be in east north east or south east direction.

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8.  All the employees should make their desks clean and clutter free.

9.  Always use bright colors in office as it spreads positivity and keep the negative effects far from office

10. You can place some lucky plants in office like bamboo which is known as lucky plant. You can also place basil plant, money plant, Lucky bamboo plant, lotus plant, lily plant, snake plant. You can also place jade plant at your desk as this also attracts good luck.

11. If you want to attract prosperity in office place Buddha statue in entrance or you can place fish aquariums, plants and flowers or painting of 7 auspicious horses in the office.

12. The central part of the office building should be kept empty.