Top Yogurt Brands available in India

Yogurt is basically a Milk product which is made by the fermentation of Milk specific microorganisms which shall be viable and active and abundant in the product. There are different types of Yogurt available in India like Greek Yogurt, Low fat and No fat Yogurt, Creamy, drinking , Bio Yogurt , frozen etc. it is best to consume for a post workout diet , ready to eat  breakfast and mid day snack . it is filled with calcium, vitamins and protein which is the best option to consume. Yogurt has a delicious taste and full of various foods of your choice.

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1. Epigamia Greek Yogurt- it is India’s First all natural Greek Yogurt. it is rich and creamy in texture low in Fat and high in protein. It is made up with 100% real fruits and absolutely no chemical preservatives. You can enjoy this healthy snack and it has 8 Unique flavors which is natural strawberry, Alphonso, mango, wild raspberry, blueberry, vanilla bean , green apple and Honey banana.

2. Kiddle Me- Kiddle me yogurt is high on health and delicious to taste. Is a perfect balanced and healthy snack with no added preservatives and colors and use only authentic fruits and vegetables pulp  for freshness and taste.  It uses mango pulp the richness of carrots and oats for a unique puree which is rich and healthy and flavorful. It has multiple flavors provides a unique taste which will provide you full of health benefits.

3. Mother dairy Yogurt- Mother dairy fresh yogurt is made up with fresh curd and real fruits it contains no preservatives  it is a healthy snack option and has goodness of supper fruits like raspberry. You can have this delicious Yogurt as a mouth watering delicacy made up of fresh fruits blended with delicious yogurt. It is healthy as well as tasty. You can enjoy it anytime as a snack or you can accompany it with your meal.

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4. The Tea Planet yogurt- it is made up with the best and fresh ingredients. it is a tasty and refreshing beverage mix prepared by blending Yogurt and other natural flavors of fruits and herbs . it is ready to be mix with water and ice cubes and you can serve it immediately.  These are stored in a convenient airlock resalable jars that are recyclable and helps you maintain its freshness for a long time. It ahs shell life of 12 months. it has enhanced taste highly concentrated fruit to achieve best taste in your applications.

5. Amul– Amul yogurt is delicious and creamy in texture and a perfect snack when you are hungry. It si rich in protein and has good fats which will make you healthy.  It is made up with the richness of fruits pulp blended with yogurt which is full of taste. it contains the fruit chunks as well. It tastes really good and easily accessible online.

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6. Zoh probiotics- this greek Yogurt has a mild taste with a thick and creamy texture which is simply delicious.  It is rich in gut healing probiotics. The good bacteria make the protein and lactose easy to digest. It is an excellent source of calcium, vitamins and minerals. You can add this powder to the milk and create healthy yogurt instantly.  it will help to improve your overall health.