Popular places to visit if you want to enjoy holi weekend

This Holi weekend you can enjoy the festival of colors with your loved ones at these nearby destinations of Delhi. It is time to travel to new places and celebrate the festival with full enthusiasm. You can celebrate the festival of colors. We had compiled the list of places where you can enjoy the best holi of your lifetime.

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Places where you can go for celebrating Holi

1. Mathura , Uttar Pradesh – it is almost 150 km away from Delhi and famous for celebrating the festival of holi. It is considered as the birthplace of lord Krishna and thus having a significant importance in Hindu mythology. Holi is the best time to visit the town as streets are came alive with festivities, music and performance and processions.

2. Jaipur, Rajasthan- Delhi and Jaipur, which has a rich historical, cultural, and architectural history, are separated by little under 250 kilometres. In Jaipur, Holi is observed with great pomp and circumstance, complete with dance performances, parades, and processions through the streets.

3. Agra, uttar Pradesh- Agra is the greatest place to celebrate Holi weekend and is about 200 kilometers from Delhi. Because the Taj Mahal is here and this area has a rich cultural background, it is a source of national pride and celebrates Holi with flair. holi celebrations include singing, dancing and exchanging sweets and snacks in this part of the country.

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4. Nainital- nanital is a town which is around 350 km far from delhi. It is so much fun if you will be there during holi festivities  with a lot of singing , dancing and exchange  of wishes surrounded the naini lake you can enjoy boating there.

5. Rishikesh, uttrakhand- it is best known as yoga capital of India 250 km from Delhi and it is most awaited destination for the adventure lovers. You can enjoy rafting and bungee jumping at the ghats over here. If you are celebrating holi in rishiskesh it is one kind of a unique experience.