5 Websites to Find Free High-Quality Stock Photos

It used to be quite difficult to find a high-quality stock photo for free because there were so few possibilities and the ones that were offered were, at best, of poor quality.

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How times have changed, indeed. Nowadays, there are so many websites that offer free stock photos that it might be quite overwhelming. Here are my top seven sources for free, high-quality stock photos.

1. Pixabay-At the moment, Pixabay is my first stop when I need a free stock photo. The likelihood that this inventory will meet your demands is high given that there are more than 420,000 photos to choose from. There aren’t any complicated image licences to be concerned about. Any Pixabay image may be used for personal or business purposes without further permission and without giving credit in either digital or printed form.

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2. Unsplash-For usage in blogs and other digital projects, Unsplash is a fantastic resource for really artistic photographs. On the website, you may browse the inventory and sign up to receive 10 fresh photographs into your inbox every ten days. The Creative Commons Zero (CC0) licence applies to every photograph submitted to and published on Unsplash, allowing for unlimited personal and commercial use. Although it’s always polite to give credit where credit is needed, you are permitted to change, copy, and distribute the photographs without giving Unsplash or the photographer any acknowledgement of your actions.

3. Stocksnap- Every image on StockSnap is unrestricted by copyright and doesn’t call for attribution. Each week, hundreds of new photographs are posted, and you can sort them by the date they were uploaded or by the number of views they have received. Additionally, you may instantly view the most well-liked pictures on the website thanks to a stream of trending pictures. Images from StockSnap are available under the same CC0 licence as those from Unsplash above, allowing you to use them however you choose. The long-term objective of StockSnap, according to the website, is to build a community of photographers who want to share their work with the world.

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4. Flickr-Free photographs have consistently been available on Flickr, and they continue to be. Understanding the Creative Commons licence linked to the image you are using is crucial because there are eight different types of licences and not all Flickr images can be used in the same way. Anyone can use the photos in the Free Use Photos section without giving attribution to the photographer. Users of Flickr who upload photographs to this group consent to their use.

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5. Pexels-Every day, Pexels expands its library of free stock photos, which now numbers over 2,700, by ten new, high-quality pictures. The Pexels library should grow by about 3,600 images annually, with at least 70 new images being added each week. The Pexels crew personally selects each image from other free image resources, such as the aforementioned Unsplash. Each photo is of a high calibre and is available with no restrictions under the Creative Commons Zero licence.