Top health and fitness magazines available in India

Health magazines stay current on the most recent changes in the contemporary fitness market. These publications address issues related to preserving health and provide information on every imaginable aspect of fitness and health. Making a decision can be difficult with such a large assortment to choose from and an exceptional level of detail. We have included a list of the best health publications in India to help you make your decision.

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1. Health and nutrition magazine- Magna publishes Health & Nutrition, a magazine largely aimed towards Indian laypeople. The readers of this healthcare publication are intended to receive inspiration and knowledge. The aim is to empower their audience to take control of their own health. This fitness magazine in India offers the most recent information on health, fitness, and dietary guidance.

2. Men’s health magazine- this is based on the Advice from the most trusted, experienced, and academically affiliated authorities in health, fitness, weight loss & relationships. It is covering everything from fashion to the latest in entertainment, science, and more. It has Easy accessibility to the latest research in the world’s most credible, peer-reviewed academic journals. It will provide Daily coverage of trends in health and wellness.

3. Women health magazine- The India Today Group publishes Women’s Health, which is edited by Sanghamitra Chakraborty. The brand speaks to the new generation of modern, aspirational women and was first released in 2012. This health publication offers advice on relationships, relationships, and fitness. This health publication in India goes beyond its name and speaks to every element of a woman’s life. Women’s Health takes delight in discussing the fitness issues that impact today’s witty, independent women. It appeals to the modern, practical lady.

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4. Shape- Shape is a publication that focuses on a woman’s total health and wellness, not just physical fitness. Celebs, fashion, and healthy eating are some of the topics covered. They also provide competitions and weight-loss challenges to inspire you.

5. Psychology today- The leading source of information on the human mind, Psychology Today provides the most recent trends, results, and research on how we think and behave.

6. Life extension- Everyone has to deal with aging-related problems, and Life Extension magazine will explore the problems, news, and inventions that might lengthen your life.

7. Spirituality and health- Check out Spirituality & Health if you’re looking for a magazine that focuses on religion and spirituality together with fitness trends and tips.

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8. Runners world- Runner’s World will have the information you need for all your running-related needs. This journal covers a wide range of running-related topics, including product reviews, tactics, events, and many more.

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9. Diabetes health magazine- It is released every two months and is one of the best health publications on diabetic difficulties. For people who want to manage their diabetes, each issue provides the reader with enticing diabetic-friendly recipes, realistic fitness advice, and cutting-edge medical information. You may be sure that our health magazine will teach you a lot about your health under the direction of an unbiased board of highly esteemed medical professionals from around the world.