Best Places for paragliding in India

Since a few years ago, paragliding as an adventure activity has grown in popularity in India, with new centres opening up all over the country. The ability to extend your wings and soar through the air must be on many people’s bucket lists. And it must be equally satisfying to share it on social media to brag to your pals. In addition to getting a comprehensive perspective of the area’s beautiful beauty when you go paragliding, the pleasure also delights adrenaline junkies. Lets discuss the best places for paragliding in india.

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1. Bir billing , Himachal Pradesh- India’s Bir Billing in the Himachal Pradesh region of Palampur is a well-liked paragliding location. There are many paragliding businesses that provide short, medium, and long-term flying instruction. The landing is at about 4000 feet, whereas the takeoff is at 8000 feet above sea level. October through June are the ideal months for paragliding in Bir Billing.

2. Manali himachal- Manali offers breathtaking scenery and vistas that will guarantee a spellbinding paragliding experience. For adventurous activities like paragliding and skydiving sessions, the best places in Manali include Kullu Valley, Sethan, Halan, Solang Valley, and Barot.

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3. Mussoorie, Uttrakhand- Popular hill resort in Uttarakhand is Mussorie. The hill station gives travellers an amateur paragliding experience in addition to being a charming little hamlet with pine trees and mountain ranges. The experience is offered by numerous operators. Except during the monsoon season, you can visit the town whenever you like for a good time.

4. Shillong, Meghalaya- One of the best places to go paragliding is Meghalaya, which has a lot of greenery, big trees, sparkling waterfalls, and snow-covered mountains. You can use the Meghalaya Paragliding Association’s services in Shillong to plan an adventure ride for you. The finest months to go paragliding in Meghalaya are September through April.

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5. Ranikhet, uttrakhand- Paragliding, hand gliding, and other adventure sports are popular in Ranikhet, Uttarakhand. Tourists come to this location for the lush vegetation, natural beauty, and trekking opportunities. It would be great to see this area from the air.