Best seeds you can consume to boost immunity

Do you experience lethargy and sluggishness even after eating? So obviously something is missing from your diet. Have you practically filled out your diet chart with everything but nutrient-dense seeds? If not, you are omitting that from your life.

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As is common knowledge, there are five dietary types that we must consume each day: carbohydrates, protein, dairy, fruits and vegetables, and fats. Sadly, we can’t always include all of these in our diets.

We’re here to offer you the lowdown on five essential seeds you must eat  because they’ll also help you strengthen your immunity:

1. Sunflower seeds- The addition of sunflower seeds will make up for any antioxidant deficiencies in your diet. Antioxidant- and healthy-fat-rich sunflower seeds are available. They are abundant in vitamin E and magnesium. Therefore, if you have light complexion, you must eat these seeds.

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2. Sesame seeds- “Zinc is quite hard to get from our ordinary diet, yet sesame seeds are rich in it. Additionally, it strengthens your immune system and gives you energy throughout the day. However, you must be careful with the quantity. Sesame is beneficial for diabetic individuals as well because it regulates blood sugar levels, claims Somasundram. One teaspoon a day can be very powerful.

3. Hemp seeds- Hemp may be your best friend if you’re a vegan and concerned about your protein intake. The protein content of hemp seeds is extraordinary. They promote weight loss, energy, immunity-building, muscle mass development, and hunger control.

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4. Pumpkin seeds- Pumpkin seeds are a must-have because of vitamin K, in addition to all the other nutrients like protein, potassium, and magnesium. This nutrient is not present in many dietary groups, and a lack of it can cause low bone density. Calcium in the bones is better bound by vitamin K, which strengthens them. That is why folks with arthritis or weak bones must consume pumpkin seeds.

5. Sabja seeds- Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is known to increase metabolism and support weight loss, is abundant in sabja seeds. Additionally, flavonoids like vicenin, orientin, and beta-carotene boost your immunity, warding off the flu and other illnesses.

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6. Chia seeds- Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants found in abundance in the microscopic chia seeds are beneficial for enhancing immunity. It also regulates and reduces inflammatory responses within the body. You can make chia seed pudding to increase your consumption.

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7. Flax seeds- Numerous medical professionals believe that flax seeds are among the healthiest foods you can eat. These seeds are a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals as well as nutrients like protein, fibre, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein. They are known to reduce inflammation, raise cholesterol levels, and protect the body from certain chronic diseases.