Popular places for breakfast in Delhi

Not only is breakfast the first meal of the day, but it’s also the most significant. If the day gets off to a good start, nothing but happiness permeates the rest of the day. There are many breakfast options available in India that can satisfy your hunger in the morning. In Delhi, you may eat everything you want, including waffles, aloo parathas, chole bhature, omelettes, croissants, puri jalebi, and even cornflakes.

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1. Ama Cafe- The AMA Cafe, which has a delicious breakfast menu, is located in the university district of Delhi’s North Campus. The Himalayan breakfast, an American breakfast, or an English breakfast are all options. Pick from a selection of soft cereals, fluffy pancakes, scrambled eggs, salads, and beverages. Be prepared to wait since there are frequently many visitors in the area.

2. Andhra Bhawan- Another plus for Delhi when it comes to incredible breakfasts and delicious food is Andhra Bhavan. The restaurant boasts delectable traditional fare and serves a fantastic breakfast menu. one that also comes with your choice of coffee or tea and contains an idli, vada, and dosa. For a balanced experience, you should unquestionably try breakfast here.

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3. Jain Chawal Wale- One of Delhi’s most well-liked brunch spots is Jain Chawal Wale. The location consistently has a large audience and some of the greatest rajma chawal in town. But in addition to mouthwatering rajma chawal, they also have other mouthwatering options like chole bhature, parathas, and poori aloo. Additionally, you can try their chaach and/or lassi, which are both quite well-known.

4. The Breakfast club- The Breakfast Club, one of our favourite breakfast spots in town, with a comprehensive menu. Pancakes, waffles, crepes, sandwiches, burritos, eggs, toast, and more items are available on the menu. The cafe, which is located in Paharganj in the heart of the city, is constantly crowded with visitors who come to enjoy the delectable food.

5. Juggernaut- Juggernaut boasts a nice atmosphere and excellent cuisine selections. They also provide additional items on the menu, such as sandwiches, muesli, sprouts, yoghurt, and more, in addition to the traditional vada, idli, dosa, sambar, and rasam. The fruit plate is their best-selling item, which you MUST sample while you are here.