Famous temples you can visit in Delhi

It was formerly known as Indraprastha, the seat of the Mahabharata’s Pandava family. The presence of truly ancient temples in this area, which attract visitors with the strength of the prayers that have been made to them throughout the ages, is therefore not surprising. The most well-known temples in Delhi are listed below for your viewing pleasure.

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1. Lotus temple- The temple can house 2500 people and is regarded as an architectural marvel. It has nine sides and 27 carved marble petals that are grouped in clusters of three. The only uses of space are for gathering, contemplation, and worship. Even if rituals are forbidden, it is acceptable to sing, chant, pray, read religious texts in any language, lecture, preach, and raise money.

2. Chhattarpur temple- This enormous temple has latticed or perforated stones on all sides and is built in the Vassar style. This complex, which spans a total of 60 acres, comprises 20 temples—large and small—divided into three distinct complexes. The temples were constructed using both North Indian and South Indian architectural traditions.

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3. Kalkaji temple- Legend further claims that in Satyug, the Goddess Durga took the form of Kalika’s avatar to vanquish the demon Raktabija and other evil spirits before returning to Earth as a swayambhu stone statue. Between Nehru Place and Okhla is where the Delhi Metro stop for Kalkaji Mandir is located.

4. Yogmaya temple ,Mehrauli- a Shakthi Peetha (Seat of strength) devoted to the goddess Yogmaaya, Krishna’s sister, who stands for the strength of God that is only an illusion. The Pandavas are also credited with constructing this temple. It has been attacked roughly 27 times over the years by various occupying forces, notably those of Mohammed Ghazni and the Mamluks, and has frequently needed to be repaired or restored. The temple was rebuilt by Raja Vikramaditya Hemu and is still in operation today.

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5. Hanuman Temple, CP- The narrative of how Bhima met Hanuman, who is his brother because both of them are sons of Vayu, and accepted his superiority after discovering that he was unable to move even his tail, is also mentioned in the Mahabharata along with information about this old temple. A swayambhu image of Lord Hanuman as a child is housed in the temple, which the Pandavas are reputed to have built. A crescent moon can be seen in the temple’s spire, which is unusual for a Hindu temple but is also credited with protecting it from being destroyed. Since August 1st, 1964, there has been a constant chorus of “Jai Ram” coming from the temple.