Tips from Vastu to Bring Good Energy Into The House

We all enjoy living in a cheerful environment. When individuals are content and family life is thriving, a home transforms into a secure and cosy setting. The Vastu Shastra states that a house’s colour palette, kitchen layout, bedroom arrangement, and many other details can ensure the flow of positive energy.

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1. Artefacts –The majority of us have objects or symbols in our houses. A statue of Buddha, deity representations, and om symbols are among the lucky house design choices. It will contribute to making the area cosy and inviting.

2. Entrance- When using Vastu, the house’s entryway is essential. It should be fitted with the best lighting possible. Additionally, try to maintain the area as tidy and uncluttered as you can. Planters may be installed, but you must make sure they are well positioned and do not seem disorganised in front of the entrance. Positive energy is attracted to areas that are kept up.

3. Colours- The wall hues must have a warm tone, according to the Vastu expert. Choose vibrant colours for your new or refurbished home, especially for the living room where your complete family and visitors would congregate if you have a party.She recommended using pastel, calming colours in the kids’ room or even the bedrooms. Dark hues, she said, may produce a bad aura that can turn away beneficial energy.

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4. Living room- You spend the most of your day in the living room relaxing, watching television, and visiting with relatives. The expert recommended setting up the furnishings such that individuals may converse well with one another without feeling uncomfortable. The Vastu Expert advised adding cheerful hues like yellow, orange, and green to your living area to liven it up. You may create a lively atmosphere with its assistance. Installing some indoor plants will give the room a touch of natural beauty and greenery.

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5. Natural Light and Ventilation- A home draws positive energy when there is enough light in it. When we use the word “light,” we do not mean artificial lighting but rather daylight. To appear bright, a house requires vitamin D. Thus, you have to utilise light-colored drapes or leave your blinds open all day. The expert claimed that maintaining ventilation will promote the flow of good energy throughout the home. Keep the windows and doors open throughout the day to achieve this.

6. Bedroom- The bedroom must never be cluttered since it might detract from the wonderful aura. As a result, you need to maintain the area tidy and structured. The expert also advised against placing a mirror in front of the bed if you’re installing one in the bedroom. It is said to interfere with sleep.

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7. Dining Area- Installing the dining table in either the north-west or north-east will assure the good energy flow in the home. Additionally, make sure it doesn’t line up with the entryway. To make the area look pleasant, the Vastu Expert advised adding flowers and gentle lighting.

8. Kitchen- You keep food and spices in the kitchen .It is crucial to maintain good lighting and ventilation. Separating the washing area from the cooking area is a simple approach to keep everything clean. The room should be decorated in earthy tones, and you should make sure that natural light can get in.