The World’s Most Populated Cities

Cities will house 38% of the world’s population by 2030. This percentage is bound to rise as large cities continue to grow, absorbing neighboring regions and drawing new types of employees. Here’s a virtual tour of the world’s most populous cities to help you get a better sense of the terrain.

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Delhi- According to United Nations forecasts, Delhi – encompassing both old Delhi and the capital New Delhi – would overtake Tokyo as the most populous city by 2030, with a population of 31.2 million. COVID-19 has a significant impact on this rapidly expanding agglomeration. Delhi, known as the “Gateway to the Indian Subcontinent,” has a lengthy history of invasion and conquest. Hindus, Turks, Moguls, and British all had a go at establishing a foothold there. The city’s current geography nonetheless bears traces of its thousand-year antiquity.

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Shanghai, china- Shanghai is the most populated city in the world’s most populous country, with a population of 27 million people. This financial, industrial, shipping, and cultural hub is China’s emerging economic powerhouse and its gateway to the rest of the globe. Shanghai, known as the “Paris of the East,” attracts tens of thousands of expats working in education, banking, and industry.

São Paulo, Brazil- The metropolitan region of Brazil’s and the Americas’ largest city is home to 22.2 million inhabitants. So Paulo was founded for its coffee growing and mining prospects before becoming Latin America’s economic and financial powerhouse. Since the nineteenth century, the city has drawn immigrants and is noted today for its amazing ethnic diversity. So Paulo, in fact, holds one of the world’s largest Pride marches.

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Tokyo, Japan – Japan’s capital, a modern architecture lab situated among historic passageways and buildings, reflects a civilization that mixes future vision and ancestral tradition. Tokyo, the world’s wealthiest and most populous metropolis, began as a fishing hamlet called Edo, or “estuary.” It had evolved into Asia’s first metropolis by the 18th century. Tokyo’s urban and suburban populations will total 37.3 million in 2021.

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Dhaka, Bangladesh- Bangladesh’s capital is also the country’s commercial and industrial center. Dhaka has a thriving textile sector that employs a sizable share of its 21.7 million people. The city’s informal economy is thriving as well. Dhâkâ, like other cities on the Indian subcontinent, suffers from significant levels of pollution, owing not only to its high population density, but also to its industrial sector and numerous construction sites.