Junk Foods which will give you satisfaction of eating and will not harm your health

Each one of us is fond of eating junk foods we feel pleased when we eat our favourite food. it is a great stress buster. If we talk about junk food it is full of calories and having less nutritional value. Being a health conscious person if you are over eating anything it will harm you but if you are eating to give happiness to your taste buds it will not harm you and some of junk foods have ability to treat seasonal diseases like flu and fever. Let’s just discuss those foods which are delicious and good for your health too.

Pizza-Pizza is the most favourite junk food all around the world. But you know that if a pizza is loaded with lot of vegetables it has nutritional value also. If the pizza base is made up of whole wheat and it is loaded with vegetables or meat it will give you nutrition as well.  The proteins of meat will strengthen your muscles and vegetables will give you vitamins, minerals carbohydrates and antioxidants.

Pani Puri- Pani poori is the favourite food of Indian people which is available everywhere. we people are addictive of eating pani pooris from street vendors.  It is served with mashed potatoes and chana filling in the pooris which will be dipped in tamarind water and masala powders. There are many types of waters available at street vendors. The filling is also having chickpeas; spices tamarind mint leaves coriander leaves which are good for digestion. the mint and tamarind water will relieve you from travel sickness and it will help you to get relieved from cough and cold congestion. it is full of tasty flavours which gives you a good digestion benefit also.

3. Bhel Puri– It is popular Indian street food which is also full of flavours like sweet, salty, tangy, crispy which is full of craving.  It is full of puffed rice with vegetables like tomato, onion , potato lime juice  and different chutneys. As we all know that vegetables are a good source of vitamin and minerals which are essential for healthy living. Green chutney is full of coriander and mint leaf which is also a great source of iron. Tamarind chutney is full of flavours and a good source of fiber and digestive elements. Lime juice is good source of vitamin c which is good for digestion.

4. Momos- Momos are favourite dish of Indians Fried and steamed hot momos are delicious snack to eat .they are filled with vegetable or chicken filing. Steamed momos are low in calories and a healthy option for momos lovers.  Momos are made up of refined flour with vegetable or meat filling. There are healthy steam,ed vegetables filled in it like cabbage, onion garlic which are very healthy to eat. Meat is full of proteins which is definitely healthy option for you.  You can replace the refined flour with whole wheat and rice flour which will ultimately be the healthy replacement.

5. Vada Pav- Vada Pav is a Popular snack of India. It is flavourful potato and gram flour patty sliced almost to the edge of pav.  This is filled with mint and date chutney.  It has green chillies seasoned with mustard seeds and curry leaves with the dish.  Tangy chutneys are freshly made and absolutely preservative free. Curry leaves which are good for skin and hair. If you want a healthy option the bun can be replaced with whole wheat and you can bake the potato patty.

6. Burgers- Burger is a popular fast food it is also made up of refined flour buns, cheese and patties which are made up of vegetable and meats.  Vegetables are a healthy option to eat and meat gives you protein which is having great nutritional value. You can make the burger with whole wheat buns and baked patties of vegetable and meat which is having great nutritional value as well. The tempting burgers filled with salads are a healthy option to eat.

So just don’t worry some junk foods have nutritional value as well if you eat in a good way. If you are loving junk food a little replacement can give you satisfaction of eating and nutritional value as well.