Foods which increase the risk of heart attack

High amount of salt and sugar saturated fat refined carbs will raise the risk of heart disease in your body. Getting worried about your heart health just avoids foods which puts your heart at risk. Focus on your overall diet and pick those foods which are heart healthy. If we disclose the list of foods which affect bad on your heart you might get surprised as most of us find them on their breakfast table daily. You might be surprised to know the fact that white bread which is used for making sandwich , juice and even table salt all these things are not good for heart health.

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Fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy products can provide heart health. Lets discuss food items which are a great risk for heart health.

1. Cereals- Refined cereals with loads of sugar early in the morning is not good for heart health at all. You can make other options of breakfast like poha, upma, sevai which can be healthier for your heart.

2. Plant based fat– A diet which is rich plant based fat is worst kind of fat. Vanaspati is one example of that which is not good for heart health. You can replace it with ghee and unrefined seed based oils are also good.

3. Soda- Chemicals in soda alter the gut bacteria and puts your heart in risk. Consuming soda yields many other disadvantages like dehydration, high sugar intake, weight gain, calcium depletion.

4. Juices- we consume lots of sugar in the form of juices. Juice bars put extra sugar on fresh juices to make them tasty. Avoid having juices outside and consume fruits instead of having juices

5. White Bread- Too much consumption of white bread can cause obesity, heart disease. Breads can cause stomach problems, bloating and constipation. Breads are low in fiber and protein so it can’t be digested easily eating too much bread will end up you hungrier. Your blood sugar level spike and you will gain weight rapidly

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6. Salt- eating too much salt can cause high blood pressure which will ultimately leads to heart failure if you will eat more salt you will feel thirsty and your mouth will dry. Salt is essential for human health but too much consumption can cause heart stroke and death.

7. Rice- over consumption of rice can cause high blood pressure, high fasting blood sugar and lower level of Good cholesterol. Rice has High glycemic index which can cause diabetics. So if you want to be away from many lifestyle diseases you have to avoid eating too much rice.

8. Butter- butter is high in saturated fat which can raise your bad cholesterol and make heart disease more likely. You can replace it with olive oils or vegetable oil based spreads.

9. Flavored Yogurts-Flavored Yogurts are full of added sugar which will cause weight gain , high blood pressure and heart disease.

10. Baked Goods- Cookies, cakes and muffins are loaded with added sugar which will cause weight gain. It will affect your Heart health. So make healthier treats swap in whole wheat flour and cut on sugars.