Home remedies to get rid of menstrual cramps

Many women faces menstrual just before or during the periods this type of discomfort is merely annoying for some women some women face these severe cramps to interfere the everyday activities for a few days in a month.

Main symptoms of menstrual cramps

1. Cramping in lower abdomen

2. It starts from 1-3 days prior period and peaks 24 hours after the start of period  and vanishes in 2- 3 days

3. Dull continues pain

4. Pain in lower back and thighs

Home remedies you can try at your home

1. Yoga – Yoga practice can indeed help your cramps you can try Goumukhasana, Bhujangasana, and sirsasana are some asans you can try to ease your pain.

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2. Herbal tea can calm cramping– Herbal tea can calm menstrual pain. You can have chamomile and peppermint tea for menstrual pain

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3. Hot water bottle– Application of hot water bottle helps significantly reduces the pain you can either use a heating pad or a warm towel. Taking a hot water bath can also help in menstrual cramps.

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4. Dark chocolate- You would be surprised to know that dark chocolate can also give relief from cramps. It has magnesium which helps relax muscles and ease your pain. You can also tale other magnesium rich foods to get rid of the pain like spinach, peanuts cashews.

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5. Massage with essential oils– you can massage your skin with aromatic essential oils to relieve menstrual cramps. You can use lavender oil, clary sage essential oil which will be helpful in getting pain relief.

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6. Banana– Banana is rich in Vitamin B6 and potassium and help in dealing with cramps.

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