Vastu tips to attract Wealth and Good Luck

Money plays an important role in our lives and if you falling short in materialistic growth or good luck we will suggest you to follow some vastu tips which will attract wealth and Good luck. Vastu Perfect homes attract wealth and prosperity.

1. Keep Money plant in a green vase or you can hang lush green fields or thick forest scenery in the north zone. This will attract money and better career opportunities.

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2. A beautiful entrance brings happiness and prosperity in your life. So make sure that the entrance of your house should neat and clean with lots of positivity. It will attract good luck

3. keep the kitchen in southeast or South . keep the colors of pastel shades of red , orange and pink in the kitchen for better luck.

4. One should keep a glass bowl in the north direction of the home and kept a silver coin inside it. By doing so the goddess lakshmi will always remain in your house.

5. Tulsi and Amla- Plant a tulsi plant in the north besides planting an amla (gooseberry). It will bring good luck in your house. It will enhance the economic prosperity of the family.

6. According to vastu Shastra the lord of north direction is kuber who is known as the god of wealth. So money or safe locker should be kept in this direction.

7. Red cloth is considered to be the dress of goddess lakshmi so if you want to grab blessings of Goddess lakshmi keep a red cloth tied in the cupboard or vault . it will definitely increase your income.

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8. Always keep your home clutter free from unnecessary household’s goods and decor. Always keep it simple and easy to maintain always make the central space in the house like living room neat and clean and keep the house organised . it will attract financial growth.

9. Any kind of water leakage in taps of kitchen and bathrooms and outdoor garden area signifies financial loss. So always take care of leakages of water especially in the month of monsoon

10.Place small water objects within the house in the north east direction to bring positive energy and attract money please take care that water does not get stagnant and get dirty. it must be cleaned often otherwise financial growth will get struck.