History behind Char Dham in India

The Char Dham is a set of pilgrimage sites in India. It is believed that if you visited these sites you will get moksha the name of the char dhams are Badrinath, Dwarka, puri and Rameshwaram.

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1. Badrinath- Dham of Satyug, Uttrakhand

2. Rameshwaram-Dham of Tretayug, Tamilnadu

3. Dwarka- Dham of dwaparyug, Gujrat

4.Jaganathpuri- Dham of kaliyug, odissa

Chota char dham-it is another set of Pilgrimage sites known as chota char dham

1. Yamunotri

2. Gangortri

3. Kedarnath

4. Badrinath

Associated places of char dham

As it is written in our purans that hari and Shiva are best friends. So wherever Vishnu live lord Shiva will accompany him nearby. Char dham again follow this divine rule kedarnath is considered as the pair of Badrinath. Rama setu is the pair of Rameshwaram. Somnath is a pair of dwarka and lingraj temple is the pair of jagannath puri.

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History behind Char Dham

1. Badrinath- Badrinath is situated in uttrakhand which is situated in Garhwal hills on banks of Alakhnanda River. Nar narayan an avatar of Vishnu did tapasya here. That time this place is filled with berries called badri. Maa Lakshmi became the berry tree to save lord narayan. Narayan after finishing his tapasya said people will always take her name before me that is why people always refer lakshmi narayan. So Badrinath is known as first char dham.

2. Rameshwaram- Rameshwaram is in existence from treta Yug. Lord Rama has built shiv lingam here to get the blessings of lord shiva . Rameshwaram is also means God of Ram.

3. Dwarka- Dwarka has its importance and existence from dvapar yug when lord Krishna made dwarka his residence instead of Mathura. Which is actually its birthplace.

4. Jagannath Puri – Lord Vishnu is worshipped as jagannath . The Puri temple has no shadow and the site is declared no fly zone by any state powers but by some divine power.