Top Sites Where You can Buy Refurbished Mobile Phones

Refurbished smart phones are those devices which were owned by someone else earlier. These phones are coming with a reseller warranty and are in perfect working condition with a few dents and scratches on outer body. You can buy these smart phones from certified seller or best online website. When you open any online website like Amazon or Flipkart you will see the mobile listed under the name renewed. Refurbished phones are cheaper than new ones having some minor damage or box is opened you will find the selling names of these phones like renewed, Preowned or reconditioned.

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Things you should check while buying refurbished phones

1. Warranty- You need to check the warranty of the phone the warranty of these mobiles should be of limited time. This warranty is either offered by the manufacturer or reseller. They do multiple checks to check the working condition of Smartphone.

2. Documents- You need to check all the documents of the phone if you read the final print it will give you detailed information regarding the terms and conditions like you can’t return the phone or won’t receive any refund after returning the device. Check the warranty period as well before purchasing the refurbished Smartphone.

Best sites where you can buy refurbished smart phones

1. Amazon Renewed- Amazon is best in service and quality provides a totally separate section for refurbished phones. Amazon purchases these smart phones in exchange offers and provides discount in buying new ones after that he will do necessary testing and repairs of the phone and make him look like new and resell it under renewed section. Please note that there is limited time warranty on refurbished phones

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2. OLX- OLX is again the good place to buy refurbished phones but please be extra careful while purchasing one for yourself. Contact the seller through inbuilt chat feature only. Check the seller profile and check through his social media profiles whether he is selling genuine products. Buy only if he is selling with authentic bill of purchase. Always check the battery condition and full features of the phone before buying.

3. Quikr- The E commerce site Quikr also offers refurbished phones for purchase. You can have the variety of refurbished phones of different brands available for sale on quikr. You can choose according to your requirement and budget.

4. 2Gud By Flipkart- 2 Gud is again a standalone website by flip kart where you can purchase refurbished smartphones, earphones and headphones electric appliances and many more. where you can pick your desired Smartphone from desired Brand. The brands include Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi and more. The Smartphones Brand Includes Samsung, Apple , Xiaomi and many More.