Popular Skin whitening Creams for men in India

Skin care is important for all whether its men or women. If you want a healthy skin you have to follow a fixed skin care regime. Mens have different kinds of skin like Dry, Oily and combination. Lets discuss best whitening creams available in India for skin care which acts as a shield for your skin. These creams will protect your skin from UV rays and acne causing germs.

Popular skin care creams

1. Nivea Men face cream- Nivea mens face cream cares for your skin by giving a boost of hydration and prevent it from drying. it is non Greasy, non Sticky and absorbs quickly. It is skin compatible and dermatologically approved. It is suitable for face, hand and body or anywhere your skin needs it. It is best for men as it has 10x oil control moisturizer which is a great skincare formula helps in clearing dark spots. It is suitable for all oil skin types and having a pleasant aroma.

2. Nivea whitening face cream- Nivea whitening face cream will recover your skin tone. it is enriched with Uv protect and high concentration of Vitamin C which will repair your skin layer by layer. It is rich in acerola cherry which works in to the deep layers of the skin to repair sun damage. it strengthen your skin natural barrier to sunlight and makes it radiant for even skin tone. This lotion protects your skin from UVB and UVA rays and their harmful effects of tanning and makes your skin fair and even.

3. Lotus herbals whitening cream – lotus herbals white glow skin whitening and brightening gel cream is a revolutionary fairness solution which incorporates the advantages of a gel and a crème. It gives tan free skin for a long time due to SPF25 PA+++ formulation in it. it gives fast absorption and leaving your skin youthful and radiates brightness.

4. Neutrogena bright boost Gel face cream- this cream reduces dark spots and dullness and makes your skin smooth and visible white. It improves look of tone, texture and fine lines in one week. You can apply it daily twice to cleansed face and neck it will provide all day brightness and continued hydration

5. Emami Fair and handsome- this product is specially designed for men by skincare experts and having clinically proven natural vitamins and anti irritants sunscreen filters  which protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB  rays of the sun. it enhances the skin whitening and make skin younger and fairer.you can apply it daily on face and neck area and avoid the eye area while applying on skin.