Super foods included Diet Chart for New Mommies

Are you recovering from Pregnancy, labour or delivery it is very important to take care of your diet to maintain your health so you should pay extra attention on what you are eating whole day. We all know that extra calories are needed for breastfeeding after baby birth. New moms has to increase intake of liquids such as milk, juice and water to sate the thirst. You can consume any kind of liquid but avoid over intake of caffeine.

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Tips for diet for new moms

1. New breastfeeding mothers should consume protein rich foods like meat, poultry, fish, eggs, diary and beans nuts and seeds.

2. You have to consume additional sources of iron and zinc like dried beans, nuts , seeds and dairy products.

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3. You have to eat three portions of veggies daily including yellow and dark green.

4. you have to include whole grains in your diet every day to maintain your health

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A healthy diet promotes healing and offers strength so that she can take care of the little one. Take good amount of fruits and vegetables with every meal. New mothers should avoided packaged, processed foods or beverages that are heavy or having more added sugars

List of healthy foods for new moms

1. Milk eggs and other dairy products

2. Legumes

3. Blueberries

4. Brown rice

5. Oranges

6. Eggs

7. Green vegetables

8. whole grain cereals

9. Nuts

10. Salmon

11. Seeds