Best tips for raising happy healthy tweens

Tweens age is the most challenging age for kids. They are no longer little nor quite teenagers. They are facing physical and emotional changes in a short period of time. This is quite challenging for parents as well as tweens.

As a good parent it is your responsibility to love, support and guide the tweens whenever required and needed . The tweens age is mainly starts from 10 Years to 12 Years. Lets discuss the difficulties of tween age and how you can handle your children in this age.

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Daily life challenges

  Kids are constantly changing and growing in this stage. Sometimes shifting from grade school to middle school is a challenge. They need to be social aware and complete their schoolwork is a bit difficult task for them. The most important thing to teach in this phase of life is family values. Many teens are independent they are able to take care of their regular routine work and their hygiene. However they should be able to take care of their homework’s with few reminders. Some need additional support its time to motivate your child and teaching them how to take care of his all responsibilities

Diet and Nutrition

Childs nutrition is most important in this stage. You have to encourage your child for variety of fruits and vegetables, lean meat and plant based protein, whole grains and healthy fats.

Always try to feed your child on whole wheat product and avoid processed foods.  Give enough calcium and protein to your child. Always offer a variety of foods to balance the nutrition. Try to do the dinner together  as family as possible  make your mealtimes most enjoyable with your kid don’t force your tween to eat any specific foods and no need to create a separate meal for your child . Offer him food with great variety and full of nutrition. Don’t bribe or reward your tween for every task done otherwise it will become a habit to get something in exchange for every good work done by him.

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Physical activity

There should be at least 60 minutes of physical activity daily for a tween and engage in bone and muscle strengthening three times weekly. You can incorporate physical activity in your family life. Always play with your tween and sport together.  Your child’s habits development is built by watching you only.  Body image issues are common in this growing stage of your kid so guide him in each moment of life and guide him to lead a healthy and active life.


A tween needs discipline in his life so always tell him to follow the discipline in a positive way. Too much authoritarian and pessimissive approach is not good for your child’s development . They might tell you that they know everything and take his own responsibility you can help him to take his own responsibilities in a positive way. If he wants to help in household chores the appropriate work for your tween is washing windows,  emptying the dishwasher,  mopping floors, cleaning the bathroom.