Popular Inverter Battery Brands available in India

Nowadays, inverters are a need. When a power supply is unavailable, an inverter battery may act as a dependable source of power, which is important. For those locations where power outages are frequent and the electrical grid is unstable, it is crucial. When there is a power outage, an inverter system with a well maintained battery will supply power for essential systems including lighting, communication systems, and medical equipment. Inverter batteries are crucial for power system backup. It can be very helpful in emergency situations like natural disasters where the power outage is very common.  Lets discuss best inverter battery brands available in India.

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Best Inverter battery brands available in india

1. Exide- Exide is number 1 inverter battery provider in India.  Exide inverter batteries have been powering the nation, every day for over seventy years.  It has wide range of inverter batteries and Hups are lighting up millions of lives across the country. As a progressive brand fuelled by its innate spirit of innovation and driven by years of best in class technology. It provides guaranteed longer life and higher power output with higher backups. it has minimal plate failures. It has ability to withstand long and frequent power outages. it has good ability from deep discharge and requires lesser topping up  frequency with better thermal management.

2. Microtek- Microtek inverter battery lasts between three to five years by giving best resistance to harsh temperature and vibrations . these batteries offer longer backup options and high performance. These batteries charges quickly and uses a ceramic water level indicator. The premium quality materials used to make this inverter make it durable. It provides longer backups with little maintenance.

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3. Luminous- Luminous provides powerful battery range which are perfect for home Ups and inverter applications. These batteries provide a long lifespan. These are compatible with all sorts of power outages.  The batteries feature high charge uptake and requires little maintenance. batteries are having tall tabular design and are durable. These are recharging fast and having six water level indicators.

4. Okaya- Okaya provides a superior inverter battery range known for their long lasting nature and impeccable performance under any circumstances.  It is made up using Japanese technology which ensure best inverter for home is met with effortless ease.  Batteries are so powerful and adept to go for hours lighting homes of any size , shape and dimension it is the only producer of 100% tabular batteries which are used in both inverter and solar batteries. It requires little maintenance and features afst charging function. These are produced in eco friendly manner in order to reduce waste and uphold their obligation to the environment.

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5. Livguard- if you want an uninterrupted power even during power cuts you need a reliable battery connected to your inverter to provide required power. These commercial and residential inverter batteries are designed with a superior plate grid design and high electrolyte volume to deliver enhanced performance and longer power back up  these low maintenance batteries make your life easier by reducing down times and requires minimal care.