10 Common Myths about Periods in women and actual facts behind it

A period is the part of the menstrual cycle when a woman bleeds from her vagina for a few days. it is a cycle of 28 days. it is common to be more frequent than this like ranging from 21days to 40 of their menstrual cycle. In some states or countries there have been strict guidelines for periods for sleeping, eating, walking and living life. Many girls and women whether young or old educated or non educated rural or urban rich or poor feel ashamed talking about their periods openly. There are some common myths about periods in the society we live

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Girls are impure during periods and cannot cook food in Kitchen

There is nothing impure about periods it is the state of a girl growing up and it is a biological process so you can cook food in your kitchen


You should purchase sanitary pads secretly covered in a paper and should be kept private

Purchasing of sanitary products is like buying soap or medicine in a shop this will come under personal hygiene products there is nothing to hide it from public.


Girls having periods should not go near plants or touch them they will die if they touch the plants

Plants need good care to grow and it is nothing to do with periods Plants do not discriminate people


Do not eat curd tamarind during periods it will increase the menstrual flow

The flow of periods does not depend on what you eat it will vary from body to body Hormonal changes a person regular diet, age and environment are the factors which cause variations in period blood.


Girls with periods sleep in a separate room

There is nothing shameful or contagious regarding periods in women this cycle will not harm to anyone in the same room


Don’t do physical activity during periods it will disturb the flow

Exercise or playing sports does not disturb the flow in periods. it will help in relieving pain

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Don’t talk about periods in Public it is a matter should be discussed behind the closed doors

Talking about period is also a common talk there is no need to hesitate talking about periods in public this conversation is as normal as you can talk about your nail paint or lipstick color.


If you miss your period you are pregnant

A Late or missed period does not point out always pregnancy sometimes Hormonal imbalance like Polycystic Ovary syndrome, excessive weight , Unhealthy diet , illness or stress can be the reason behind missed or delayed periods.


Don’t wash your hair during periods

No study shows that you have to compromise your personal hygiene in periods you can wash your hair during periods. Warm bath during periods will help you with the painful cramps.


If you will use tampon you lose Your Virginity

Tampons may cause the hymen to stretch with a few times may Cause the breaking of Hymen but it does not cause someone to lose their virginity. Virginity is just beyond hymen. Hymen can be naturally broken due to physical activities like cycling when the tampon is inserted hymen will stretch to accommodate so the odds of effecting women virginity can be less.