Are you a Victim of Premature Aging? What are factors responsible for it

Premature aging is when the signs of growing older happen early in your life. Your body will look older than its actual age. Some common signs of premature aging include  skin color changes and wrinkles ,age spots  dryness , loss of skin actual moist tone and hyper pigmentation around chest and sagging

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Factors behind Premature aging

Sun effect- Health experts say that excess sun exposure can damage your soft skin tissues and UVA rays age the skin quickly. More than 90 percent of your skin damages due to the hazardous effects of sun on the body. Uv rays tend to damage the skin cells and contribute to premature aging  it will increase the chances of developing skin cancer.

Other factors like smoking unhealthy diet too much alcohol consumption will also effect the skin cells adversely.

Poor sleeping pattern is another cause of premature aging  sleep gives your body an opportunity to refresh and regenerate cells so if your sleep quality is poor it will connect to increased signs of aging.

If you are eating diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates it cab damage your skin over time.

Stress is the main reason behind inflammatory response in your body  and it hurts your sleeping pattern as well stress hormones and inflammation will age your body faster.

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How you can get rid of premature aging signs quickly

Vitamins are most important ingredient for your skin which reduce premature aging Vitamins like D, C E and k are very important for our skin. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for your skin and bone health. You can enhance it naturally without having any medicines

1. If you will get 15 minutes of sun exposure everyday in the morning. It is enough for proper Vitamin d existence in your body.

2. Vitamin C helps in skin care and antioxidants present in it is so important for your beautiful skin it will provide healing process to body wounds and reduces the wrinkles on your skin.

3. Vitamin E- VitaminE is most important vitamin which will protect your skin against sun damage. It absorbs the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun and provide extra care against the skin inflammation.

4. Vitamin K- Vitamin K is the most important vitamin to take care of Bone health it regulate normal blood clotting and minimize the risk of fracture. It will treat the wrinkles and premature aging in developing healthy skin.

Can aging be stopped?

You can’t stop aging completely so what you can do

You can just do prevention and giving your cells a boost through products or lifestyle changes. Just take care of your skin it will help in healing process which restore some of your skin appearance and restores a bit of its structure.