Facing Lower back pain Tips to follow to reduce Back pain

Lower back pain is common problem in every household which is caused due to bad posture , stress or strain on the prolonged sitting due to lack of exercise or excessive weight. This disorder is most common in old people but now it is spreading speedily among young people. As we have to work for the extended hours due to work pressure our spinal cord and back muscles are under so much stress. If we did not take care of the daily issues of back pain it will become long term issue which will be eliminated by surgery only. Persistent back pain can be caused due to other unrelated health issues like kidney issues  or can occasionally be brought on by tumors.

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Tips how you can maintain your spine health and can’t take relieve from back pain

1. Maintain correct posture- if we will work for long hours on the computers it will have a negative effect on our spinal cord .it will cause neck pain, back muscles  and causes severe pain on the back. If you will spend excess time on mobile phones and lie on the stomach with neck down it will lead to spine damage. So if you want to maintain your spinal health you have to sit in a correct posture

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2. Frequent breaks- You have to take short and frequent breaks in reducing mental stress and physical stress on spines. If you will sit in the same position for long hours it will worsen your back pain. So if you want to maintain the muscle health you have to follow the correct posture with frequent breaks so that your body and back muscles can take rest.

3. Exercise- you have to follow a regular exercise routine to relieve the back pain . if you cant do other exercises you can choose normal walking and exercising as your normal routine. it will increase the blow flow to the muscles of the spine and rejuvenates the muscles and relives the back pain.

4. Nutritional diet- you have to avoid fatty foods and have to consume lots of water which will help in avoiding back and spine problems. You have to consume diet rich in calcium and protein and essential minerals which will make your weight under control and reduce the overall pressure on the spine.

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5. Maintain Healthy weight-if you will shed the shed extra pounds it will definitely light the burden on your back. you can plan your diet and exercise accordingly to maintain a healthy weight

6. Reduce stress- if you are having moderate to high levels of stress it can cause back pain if you want to relieve stress you have to do mindful meditation deep breathing. You can do progressive muscle relaxation which will definitely lower your back pain. Many smart phones apps can guide a person through relaxation techniques and meditation.

Lower back pain is a common health issue which will result in limiting activity and difficulty in carrying out everyday activities if you will experience severe or sudden back pain you need to consult a healthcare professional.