Importance of Garlic in your daily diet

Garlic is a incredible herb for your health and so much important to consume in winters as it is fully packed with antioxidants and anti inflammatory qualities. As we all know that in winters cough, cold and flu are common seasonal problems. So if you want to maintain the immunity and want assistance in nourishing yourself you have to make change on your daily diet. It should be full of healthy meals, aromatic herbs and spices which promotes the general health. So garlic is a must food item in the kitchen as it is rich in vitamins and minerals calcium and iron. You can even use garlic as medicine.

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Health benefits of Garlic

1. It is helpful in preventing cough and cold.

2. it helps in weight loss.

3. it boosts the respiratory health.

4. it reduces the blood pressure

5. It helps in preventing the heart diseases.

6. it will help in reducing the cholesterol level.

7. it will promote the skin health and beauty.

8. it helps in detox the body.

9.  Gralic may help you to live a longer and healthier life as it will reduce the risk factors like blood pressure so it makes sense we if say that garlic could help you to live longer.

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10. Garlic is so much nutritious and having few calories it contains manganese Vitamin B6  Vitamin C  Selenium  and fiber  it also contains trace amounts of various other nutrients.

11.  It has different taste and health benefits it contains sulphur compounds which can enter in your digestive tract and can travel all over the body exerting strong biological effects.

 It will boost the white blood cells which will help in fighting against the virus. Of cold and flu. It helps to maintain your health and will definitely short the duration of illness

How you can make use of Garlic in different ways

1. You can add garlic in to different food items like pasta, vegetables , mashed potatoes. Its unique taste will enhance the entire flavour of the dish.

2. you can consume Garlic Pickle It is tasty and having digestive properties.

3. You can consume Garlic Honey lemon Tea in winters.

4.  you can blend garlic in to a hot sauce.

5. You can prepare Garlic and chilly chutney which is a tasty option to consume.

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Best way to consume garlic is take 3-4 Pieces of garlic clove and add few drops of honey on the spoon and let it sit aside for two minutes. now chew the garlic properly and gulp it down  you can consume 2-3 sips of water with it if you found garlic a bit annoying to consume.