Facing Sudden Loss of weight check reasons behind it

Weight loss is good if your body is overweight and you want to shed some kilos from your body by changing your lifestyle. But if there is drastic change in your body without changing your lifestyle it can be an indication of a serious problem. Don’t ignore these signs otherwise you can be in the risk of a serious disease. Some of the disorders are visible in your body like insomnia, headache, fatigue, and appetite disorders. There are some common causes which are behind your sudden loss of weight lets discuss the reasons behind the sudden loss of weight.

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1. Stress- stress is a biggest cause behind your sudden loss of weight in your body. You are not following any kind of physical activity and not following any kind of diet change routine in your daily schedule. So it is clear that stress is the factor behind your sudden weight loss.  Stress will make your body dull and weak. you will feel fatigue all the time. Stress is the root cause of behind all the other health problems in your body.

2. Diabetes – People who are having diabetes are looking obese but it is a fact that if you are facing sudden loss of weight it could be a sign of having diabetes so this disease is quite common in children. So if your kids are also facing sudden loss of weight diabetes can be the reason behind it.

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3. Cancer- according to scientific evidence if you are facing unexplained weight loss of 10 Kilogram’s it indicates the cancer of the pancreas, stomach or lungs. Weight loss is the first sign of cancer.

4. indigestion- if you are facing indigestion at every meal it can result in sudden body weight loss. Your body is unable to break down the food properly and fails to provide nutrients properly to your entire body . you can face other conditions apart from weight loss.

5. Kidney Disease- Kidneys are so important for your body digestion and metabolism.  Failure of kidneys will cause many health problems and one of the significant symptoms of kidney diseases is weight loss.

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6. Tuberculosis- another main cause behind sudden weight loss is tuberculosis it is a condition which usually affected the lungs. It is caused by bacteria. Weight loss and decreased appetite are the major symptoms of TB. Its major symptoms include chest pain, bad cough Fatigue, Night sweats, Chills and Fever

Its Normal if your little body weight fluctuate but if you are losing weight without changing your lifestyle there will be a serious problem inside your body. If you will see 5 percent weight loss in 6 to 12 months you should consult a doctor.