Top Head massagers to relax your scalp and mind

Good head massage is better to take in those stressed days when you are over piled with work. You can do head massage at your home as per your convenience. A head massager is a tool which is designed to get relived form stress and fatigue and will promote good hair growth and improve your scalp health. These head massagers are a new trend in the market. lets discuss best head massagers available in the market. These head massagers you can buy in the range of rs 200 to rs 3000 as per features and requirements. These are available in different sizes, shapes and colors in the market. It can be of Manual head massagers , electric head massagers , shampoo  Brush scalp massager . these massagers can relive you from stress and tension it will boost the hair growth. It improves the scalp condition. It helps in unwinding reduce stress hormones , blood pressure and heart rate.

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1. Cureskin hair growth massager- cureskin hair growth massager is suggested by dermatologist. And this product is toxin free and having quality tested ingredients which is cruelty free and made in India.. it helps in stimulating scalp muscles and reduces dandruff and sebum and increase the blood circulation which gives relaxation and makes head light and free. It perfectly fits the scalp for fine scrubbing and massaging.. it has soft silicon bristles which gently and efficiently scrub the scalp and ergonomically designed massager for stimulating the scalp.

2. Veer Head Scalp massager- it will get your head massage just like hand finger tips. You can use this scalp massager within seconds and feels your stress melt away.  It will quick relieve the symptoms of headache and dizziness and it does not have the side effects compared to any drug treatment. It relieves stress and removes muscle tension and tiredness and improves blood circulation by massaging head or points on body.

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3. Acs Acupressure smart head massager- it is acupressure smart head massager which is rechargeable and 4 speed mode and portable handheld Head scratcher massager for hair growth.. it has one key to start and 10 minute intelligent timing  massage avoids forgetting to shut down.. it is portable for a trip , office or home massage. You can enjoy a perfect massage anytime, anywhere with an annoying wire. It is fully charged at one time and you may enjoy a two hour massage.

4. Cross effect hair scalp massager– it was creates as a game changer for shampooing which perfectly  replaces the finger operation and allow you to enjoy the head spa during the hair and scalp cleansing process. It has 100% food grade silicon teeth. It has mouse like handle fits your palm perfectly. Non slip grooves ensure a stable grip even in the shower. The concave brush surface formed by 25 tips fits the scalp for maximum working area. It removes the flakes and build up from the scalp and spreads hair care products deeply leaving hair cleaner and fresher.

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5. Ross hair scalp massager – It is a silicon brush with a superior plastic body that is manual, waterproof, and battery-free. It is a scalp massager with soft, dense silicon bristles that stimulate the oil glands and blood flow to the scalp. It includes a handle that is perfectly sized to accommodate your hand. It relaxes you and lessens tension by massaging your head. Its flawless design makes it easy to grasp and precisely fits in your palm. It is portable and simple to store.