Must-Visit Destinations in march month in India for 2024

Winter is coming to an end, and summer is just around the corner, making March an ideal month to travel across the country. Summer begins in March in many parts of India. If you’re planning a trip to India in March, here are some places to visit.

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Sikkim- Sikkim is endowed with sacred Buddhist monasteries and breathtaking scenery. If you enjoy mountains, consider visiting Sikkim, which is home to beautiful glaciers, lakes, and the Himalayan range. Imagine yourself in front of a Himalayan backdrop. Furthermore, the month of March makes this destination even more stunning.

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Jaipur – Jaipur is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. It contains some of the architectural marvels that make it an ideal March destination. The beginning of summer is the best time to visit the Pink City. This place is worth visiting because of its rich heritage and culture.

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Lakashdeep- Lakshadweep has grown in popularity as a result of Prime Minister Modi’s desire to visit the island. If you want to visit this place, March is the best time to go. The relaxing atmosphere and turquoise water make this location ideal for beachgoers. You can participate in water sports such as scuba diving and other adventures with your friends and family.

Darjeeling- Darjeeling, located in the Himalayan foothills, provides visitors with a tranquil and picturesque atmosphere. There are tea plantations and several ancient monasteries to explore in this area. If you are someone who loves tea then you can enjoy refreshing tea here.

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Sonmarg- Kashmir is among the best places to visit in March. Among the various locations in Kashmir, Sonmarg is one of the most picturesque towns to visit in March. This town has lush green meadows and stunning mountain views. You can take beautiful pictures and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere here. This location allows you to rejuvenate and unwind from your hectic lifestyle.