Brands of popular kadha mix sold in India

India has been using kadha, a traditional Ayurvedic beverage, for millennia to strengthen the body’s defences and treat everyday illnesses like the common cold and congestion. It is made up of a variety of plants and seasonings that are said to have a number of health advantages. Because of this, supporting health and wellbeing can be done in a simple and practical manner. Lets discuss the popular ones available in India

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Best kadha mix brands available in India

1. JiviSa Kadha Instant Green Kadha–  A high-end health and wellbeing company that emphasises comprehensive wellness is Jivisa. they use natural components that are obtained locally to create premium goods. Our business aims to help women from Uttarakhand’s small, rural communities.

This healthy herbal blend contains- Ginger, Black Pepper, Amla, Shankpushpi, Coriander, Curcumin , Vasaka , Kalmegh, Bharangi, Kulinjan, and Liquorice Extract, Tulsi and Echinacea. All of them together strengthen our health and gives us a better tomorrow.

2. VAHDAM organic kadha– This beverage is made from curcumin-rich turmeric, black pepper, fresh root ginger powder, vana tulsi, and amla, which is high in vitamin C. This herbal tea contains no artificial or synthetic ingredients and is prepared entirely from natural plants. Ayush Kadha is Considered a natural prevention for Cold, Cough for daily use during winter months.

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3. Saffola Immuniveda Kadha Mix– Ayush kwath components such as tulsi, dalchini, kalimiri, sunthi, and 11 Ayurvedic plants are used to create the modern ayurvedic dish known as Saffola Immuniveda Sugar Free Kadha Mix. This ayurveda medicinal beverage contains the immunity-boosting properties of ashwagandha, giloy, haridra, amla, and manuka.  This kadha promotes lung health by having the powers of vasa, kalimiri, yestimadhu, and kankol.  It has potent anti-cough, anti-cold, anti-sore throat, and yestimadhu, tulsi, and kantakari ingredients. The 15 plants used in this special kadha are pulverised and boiled in water for several hours to create a powerful decoction.

4. NUTRIDALE Ayush Kadha– Ayush Ministry, Government of India, has suggested a unique powder that boosts immunity in all age categories. All ingredients are chemical-free, obtained locally, and produced without pesticides. These organic components naturally increase your immune system. They are free of additives, binders, preservatives, and fillers. 100% pure components derived from plants. It aids in decreasing the illness, cough, and cold.

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5. BOGATCHI Kadha Powder for Immunity- it is full of Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory Drink which is Mix with Curcumin (HALDI) and having No Sugar Added. It is made up with Ginger, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Giloy, Ashwagandha which increase your ability to fight infection and viruses. This kadha is made in a traditional way by crushing and mixing the herbs together.

 6. Dabur Honitus Hot Sip: 100% Ayurvedic Kadha-it is first line of defense against cough and cold which has ayurvedic granules and suitable for children and adults. It is most effective from sore throat and very easy to use and consume. It is very easy to consume just add it in warm water tea or milk and stir the contents to mix in completely and its ready  you can use in sachet 2 or 3 times a day.