Warning signs of Heart failure

The most prevalent condition, affecting almost 64 million individuals globally and nearly 1% of the adult population, is heart failure.  Heart failure is frequently brought on by lifestyle choices such as poor eating habits, binge drinking, smoking, and inactivity, all of which increase people’s stress levels.

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Studies have shown that although heart attacks and heart failure are both significant cardiac illnesses, they are not the same. The abrupt obstruction of the arteries that supply the heart with oxygen causes a heart attack to occur. The tissue in the damaged area will eventually die as a result of the reduced blood flow and oxygen delivery.

Heart failure is a chronic disorder in which the heart cannot pump enough blood to fulfil the body’s oxygen needs, impairing the function of the body’s primary organs. When this occurs, fluid starts to build up in other organs such the lungs, belly, and legs, which results in a variety of heart failure symptoms. It results from chronic renal illnesses, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, lipid problems, obesity, and simple ageing.

The likelihood of heart failure deteriorating will be decreased by early recognition of the symptoms and indications. The following are the top five symptoms.

1. fatigue- when the heart cannot pump enough blood to fulfil the needs of the body. Patients with heart failure experience greater weariness and need more time than normal to feel well.

2. less Activity- when the person feel fatigue  it will lead to the decreased liability to carry out the everyday activities like walking and climbing stairs and feeling easily tired.

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3. Congestion-nit will build excessive fluid in your lungs due to inadequate pumping of the heart causing coughing, wheezing and breathing inability.

4. Shortness of breath- When the heart beats more slowly, blood builds up in the pulmonary veins and leaks back into the lungs, making it harder for used blood’s carbon dioxide to be converted to fresh oxygen and making breathing difficult. In daily activities, people will suffer breathing difficulties.

Heart failure is caused by long standing poor lifestyles and other medical conditions. If you want to navigate this you have to recognize the symptoms early and seeking appropriate medical attention. You have to keep healthy lifestyle, regular medications and optimistic attitude which will be effective towards your healthy heart.