List of Airtel data Plans you can grab in 2023

We can frequently find ourselves out of data on several instances. However, if you use Airtel, don’t panic; these Airtel Data Plans are available to help! Furthermore, these plans range in price from just Rs. 19 to Rs. 181. In order to create a list of Airtel Recharge Plans for data in 2023, we combined all eleven of these plans. Airtel has increased the cost of all of its plans as well. So, these are also the new pricing.

List of all Airtel data recharge plans

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1. Rs 19 Data Plan- The least expensive plan on this list is the Rs. 19 Airtel Data Plan. It provides members with 1GB of data, which takes a full day to consume.

2. Rs 29 Data Plan- connected a day’s worth of service with Airtel’s Rs. 29 recharge plan. Enjoy a large 2GB of data so you can browse, stream, and interact online without being concerned about running out.

3. Rs 49 Data Plan- Do you need more data for the day? With Airtel’s Rs. 49 recharge plan, you get an incredible 6GB of data. You may easily watch your preferred shows online, download files, and make video calls to friends.

4. Rs 58 Data Plan- The Rs. 58 data plan is the second most cheap on the list of Airtel Recharge Plans, according to the table above. This package provides 3GB of data overall. In addition, after the plan expires, you will be charged 50p per MB.

5. RS 98 Data Plan – The Rs. 98 Airtel Data pack comes next. The Rs. 58 plan has 2GB less data than this package. Therefore, we have access to 5GB of data. This particular plan uses the validity of your current plan as its own validity, just like the Rs. 58 plan. So, this plan will also be in effect as long as your present one is. Additionally, you will be charged 50p/MB after using the 5GB of data. With this plan, Wynk Music Premium is also included without charge.

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6. Rs 108 Data Plan- 6GB of data are available in total under the Rs. 108 plan. At an additional cost of Rs. 10, this is 1GB more than the Rs. 98 plan. We therefore have 6GB of data to use. The Rs. 108 Airtel Data pack’s validity is the same as the validity of your current pack, just like it was with the first two plans. Additionally, you will be charged 50p per megabyte (MB) when using the data, just like the other plans.

This subscription also includes access to Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition for 30 days. There is more to the story. Customers who purchase this plan additionally receive free access to Wynk Music and Hellotunes.

7. Rs 118 Data Plan- We receive double the data at Rs. 118 from 6GB at Rs. Yes, users to this Airtel Data Recharge Pack will receive an additional 12GB of data for just Rs. 10, which is a very reasonable price. This Airtel plan’s validity is determined by the duration of your existing active plan, just like the company’s first three plans. In addition, much like the other choices on this list of Airtel recharge plans, you will be charged 50p/MB for utilising the data. In contrast to the Rs. 108 recharge plan, you do not receive any extra perks like Hellotunes, Wynk Music Free, or Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition.

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8. Rs 148 Data Plan- The Rs. 148 recharge plan is now the next level up from the Rs. 118 plan. Only 3GB more than the Rs. 118 data plan is provided by this package, nevertheless. Due to the increased advantage, this plan is significantly more expensive than one that only provides 3GB extra. You furthermore receive a free Airtel Xstream Mobile Pack on top of the entire 15GB of data. Select Xstream channels are accessible for 30 days with the mobile pack. Additionally, these come with Hoichoi, ErosNow, and ManoramaMax at no additional charge. Aside from that, the plan’s validity is determined, like the other plans on the list, by the duration of your current active plan. Above all, once you use up all the data, you will be charged 50p/MB.

9. Rs 181 Data Plan- With Airtel’s Rs. 181 recharge plan, you may get a month’s worth of data service. Enjoy 1GB of data for 30 days to keep you connected, enable hassle-free web browsing, email checking, and use of your preferred apps.