5 Drinks which are best to consume in summers

Summers are round the corner and we have to extra care of ourselves. Scorching heat of summers can cause you dehydration and other vitamin deficiencies. You have to consume a healthy diet and healthy drinks which can make you hydrated all the time lets discuss the best drinks you can consume in summers to get hydrated all the time.

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1. Sugarcane juice- sugarcane juice is best to consume in summers it is the best to energize yourself and getting hydrated. It is not just a delicious drink but having several health benefits as well.  It provides instant energy and one of the best for liver ailments. It helps in maintaining kidney health.

2. Lassi- lassi is homemade sugar drink which you can add in your diet. It is smooth and curd based drink which is best to consume in summers it is a popular drink sold in the country and having several flavors in it like banana, mango and mint. It prevents stomach ailments and healthy for bone health. It will boost your immune system and aids indigestion.

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3. Watermelon Juice- watermelon is one of the best fruit to eat in summer and best to consume as juice form.  It is super refreshing and hydrating properties which has several health benefits as well. It will keep you hydrated and promotes healthy heart. The calcium in this drink will make your bones strong and helps in managing borderline diabetes as well.

4. Green tea- Green tea is the perfect drink for hydration and has many nutritional benefits. You can drink it hot or in cold form it is loaded with antioxidants which will boost your immunity. It will keep your heart healthy and balance the good and bad cholesterol. It will promote healthy hair and clear skin.

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5. Lemonade- lemonade is the most loved drink in summers. It is quick to make and easily available at home it is the best summer drink. it helps in kidney stone and keeps you hydrated all the time . It will improve the metabolism and keeps your skin shiny and healthy.