Top Books of Ruskin Bond you can read in your life

One of India’s most well-known and highly regarded authors with more than 50 years of writing experience is Ruskin Bond. British-born Ruskin Bond has won appreciation for his contribution to the growth of Indian writing. His entire body of work—poems, expositions, novellas, and short stories—focuses on nature and regular people. He provides first-person recollections of events while keeping his writing simple, lucid, and engaging. Let’s talk about his best books, which you should read.

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1. Angry River- Angry River is a moving tale of a little girl named Sita that is rich in drama, beauty, adventure, and poignancy. She resides with her grandparents on a tiny island that boasts outstanding natural beauty. Unexpected events leave Sita trapped in the hut by herself as a rainstorm approaches. Sita is ultimately forced to seek refuge under a tree and wait for the storm to pass as torrential rains cause the river to rage. The theme of this book revolves around her battles with the furious river and rescue efforts. Amar Chitra Katha published a comic book version of Angry River in 2012.

2. The Blue Umbrella- A young girl swaps her lucky leopard’s claw jewellery for a lovely blue umbrella in The Blue Umbrella, another one of Ruskin Bond’s well-known tales set in a small Himachal Pradesh village. Ram, a shopkeeper, is most envious of Binya’s expensive item since he would do anything to have his hands on the same blue umbrella. This narrative expertly depicts the spirit of valour and atonement. A movie based on The Blue Umbrella went on to win the National Film Award for Best Children’s Film.

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3. Road to mussoorie- For for than 40 years, Road To Mussoorie has been a tribute to Ruskin Bond’s homeland. The author’s deep love and longing for the town of Mussoorie served as the inspiration for the book. The narrative advances backwards, nagging the reader to read the final chapter. Ruskin recounts his years of travelling to and from Mussoorie as well as the everyday scandals that surrounded his life in this hill town that wasn’t so sleepy.

4. Looking For The Rainbow: My Years With Daddy- A heartwarming story about Ruskin Bond’s time with his father in Delhi in the 1940s may be found in Looking For The Rainbow. Ruskin moved live with his father when he was eight years old, leaving his prison-like boarding school in the highlands. He read a lot, went to the movies, listened to music, went on walks and had numerous conversations with his father throughout the two years they were together. But the curious and creative boy’s ideal life ends tragically all too soon.

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5. Falling In Love Again- Falling In Love Again is a collection of love stories that includes short-lived relationships, intimate moments, happiness, and tragedy, from “The Eyes Have It” to “The Girl From Copenhagen.” The sincerity and emotion in this book are palpable. The reader is taken through numerous facets of romance and the feelings associated with it in this book. Undoubtedly a difficult book to put down!