Ideal Baby boys names starting with A you can pick in 2023

Whether you are an Indian yourself or are connected to Indian customs and culture, giving your child an Indian name can be a wonderful decision. To assist you, we have created a list of Indian boy baby names. The majority of these names have deep meanings and are drawn from the ancient Sanskrit language. They are distinct, lovely, and appealing. Lets discuss the best names starting with A you can pick for your baby boy.

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1. Aadesh- Popular and well-known Indian name Aadesh means “order” or “command.”

2. Aadrik – Aadrik’s name means “the sun rising between the mountains.”

3. Aakash- Aakash is a very well-liked newborn boy name in India and it means “sky.”

4. Aarav- Parents in India frequently choose Aarav. Aarav’s name translates to “wisdom.” Moreover, it denotes “one who is peaceful.”

5. Adit- The name Adit is a diminutive of Aditya. The name’s variant has the same level of popularity as its original form. Adit is Hebrew for “from the beginning.”

6. Adhyan-  The meaning of the name Adhyan is “one who is rising.”

7. Adrith – Adrith, a different name for Lord Vishnu, means “one who supports others.”

8. Advaith- Advaith, the name, is Sanskrit for “unique” or “free from duality.”

9. Advik- Advik is a short, charming boy’s name that signifies “creativity.”

10. Akshaj- Akshaj is a name with a religious connotation and means “a thunderbolt.” In addition, Akshaj uses the term “Lord Vishnu.”

11. Anik- Anik is a name that means “strong.” It is also one of Lord Ganesha’s many names.

12. Anvit- Anvit is a unique name that means “one who leads/guides others.”

13. Aruj- Aruj is a name that means “bright rising sun.” A second meaning of Aruj is “one who is born of the Sun.”

14. Ashvik- The phrase “one who is blessed to be victorious” is used by Ashvik.

15. Avik- The Sanskrit term that gives rise to the name Avik means “brave and fearless.”

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16. Ayansh- Your young master’s name, Ayansh, is a profound one that signifies “God’s gift.” Another meaning of the name Ayansh is “first rays of light.”

17. Ayush- Ayush is a Hindu name that translates to “long-lived” or “someone with a long life.”

18. Aviraj- “King of Kings” is the meaning of the name Aviraj, which is ideal for your little prince. Aviraj can also mean “shine brightly like the sun.”

19. Arnav- Arnav is a name that means “ocean” or “sea.” It also denotes “waves.”

20. Agastya- According to Hindu mythology, “Agastya,” a respected Vedic sage, is where the name Agastya first appeared.

21. Aarnik- The meaning of the name Aarnik is “being one of a kind or something special.”