The finest Indian whiskies for your home bar

Following the fermentation of numerous types of grains, whisky is a sort of distilled alcoholic beverage. The cereals barley, rye, maize and wheat are among those that can be malted. The aged liquor is often aged for 12 years or longer in wooden casks after fermentation. Indeed, whisky gets better as it gets aged. In order to create blended whiskies, master blenders combine malts from various sources, which are highly regarded. We’ll outline several popular single malt and blended whiskies that you need to have on hand for your bar.

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1. Johnnie Walker Double Black Blended Scotch whisky – The preferred brand for some of India’s top whiskies is Johnnie Walker. Whether or not you are a whisky enthusiast, Double Black is one of the finest offerings of this brand that requires no introduction. It is strong, intense, and everything a fine whisky should be.   Priced at Rs 5290, it is a favourite among whisky lovers.

2. Gian Chand Single Malt Whisky- This one won the praise of renowned whisky expert Jim Murray, who dubbed it the best single malt from India in recent memory. It bears the name Dewan Gian Chand after the well-known Indian AlcoBev businessman who founded DeVANS in the 1940s. The single malt whisky has a vanilla undertone and a tinge of barley, and it tastes sweet like pineapple drop candies. The thin oils give it a delicate flavour when you taste it. This one, which costs Rs 4490, would dazzle your visitors and be the ideal companion on peaceful evenings.

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3. Chivas Regal 12-Year-Old Blended Scotch Whisky- Leading Blended Scotch Whisky makers Chivas Brothers are best known for their Chivas Regal brand. Chivas 12 is their flagship whisky that has been matured for 12 years using only the best malt and grain whiskies. The combination, which also includes Strathisla single malt and Strathclyde single grain whiskies, produces an incredibly smooth whisky. At Rs 2807, its price is reasonable.

4. Glenmorangie The Lasanta- One of the best whisky brands is Glenmorangie. Their mixtures are not only creative but also tasty. The drink contains colours reminiscent of a sunset: a mix of red, orange, and purple. This one has a rich amber colour with spicy and sweet flavors after maturing in bourbon and sherry casks for 12 years. Every taste has a hint of dark chocolate, hazelnut, honeycomb, raisins, and cinnamon that is unmistakable. It finishes with a long, smooth finish and citrus undertones. It is as welcoming as you can imagine and costs Rs 7825.

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5. Amrut Fusion –Amrit Fusion holds the distinction of being the strongest beverage thanks to its 50% ABV and provides a unique drinking experience. It is manufactured from a mixture of barley that has been brewed throughout time, some of which is from Scotland, the birthplace of whisky, making it both Indian and international. After being put to the drums, it developed some delectable flavours, including spice, honey, fresh fruit, and a tinge of smokiness. Rs 3340 is the price.